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CGB Meme Invitational - CougCenter Week (4) v. Edit Button (13)

Ok, here is the 4 v. 13 matchup. CougCenter Week v. Edit Button. Read the information behind the fold and then vote in the poll.

Here we have an eclectic matchup. CougCenter Week v. Edit Button. In both cases, many many readers have begged for both. But only one has been bestowed upon us. We'll never have one of those, but we wish we had the other every week.

But alas CougCenter Week, like Hat Week or Beaver Week, is only one week a year.

So, which one wins??

CougCenter Week (4) via Maharg

We’ve had a lot of weeks on CGB, we’ve had weeks dedicated to everything from Trutle Tarps to Hate. We’ve had weeks full of games and laughter (remember that time we played Truth or Tarp?). But none of our weeks have been as joyous since our original week. Now we’ve already heard the story of CougCenter origins from the Truth or _______ meme history, but did you know that CougCenter week was single-handedly responsible for more funny jokes than any other week in the history of CGB? Let’s all take a look at one of the greatest things that came out of CougCenter week, their logo:


If you all remember, we had some monumentally good times with those Cougars. Those Cougars provided us with lots of entertainment, who can forget these classic games:

10. Pin the Tail on the Cougar!

9. Hide and Go Seek a Cougar!

8. Truth or Cougar!

7. Hungry Hungry Cougars!

6. Sorry

5. Have sex with an older woman on the prowl for younger men.

4. Truth or Cougar

3. Musical Cougars

2. Cougar Twister

1. TwistNHook ruining Top 10 Festivities during CGB CougCenter Week.

So vote for CougCenter, because a vote for CougCenter is a vote for Cougars everywhere. Who doesn’t want more Cougars around here?

Edit Button (13) via Ragnarok

Things move fast here at the California Golden Blogs. Open Threads and DBDs can move by in a blur, and people have to type their comments fast to keep up. This can lead to problems. Oftentimes, common spelling or grammer mistakes are typed in, or their are typographical errors entered with no time for teh commentators to catch them. And don't eve nget me started on TwistNHook andh isr idiculously faulty wirelesss kjeyboard. But with one click of the 'Post' button, these errors are set in (electronic) stone, unchangeable and preserved for all time.

Naturally, this created problems. Some (notably Olsonist) have called for the introduction of an 'edit button', a magical device that would allow errors to be corrected post-posting. Thus far, our SBN overlords have ignored Olsonist's insistent pleas, content to watch us all stew in a crummy world of plot holes and spelling errors.

/*Olsonist*: It’s a freaking Sports Blog. Let us edit as much as we want./

And this one:

/*Olsonist*: Dude, it’s a blog, the lorem ipsum of our lives. But I do wish the powers that be gave us the ability to edit and delete. I crap on myself on a regular basis and it would be nice to be able to clean up afterwards./

And this one:

/*TwistNHook*: You guys want to get pen and paper or something?

*Olsonist*: No, we just want edit privileges.

*TwistNHook*: Maybe if you used the preview button, you wouldn’t need them.

*Maharg*: Maybe if you used the shut the hell up button, we wouldn’t need to edit./

Ah yes, the mythical 'Preview' button. Scholars say that in the beginning, it was designed as a way to quickly check one's work before posting, so that the user could tell how their comment would look once posted, giving them a chance to correct any mistakes or typos before committing their words to the unforgiving Internet for all eternity. Unfortunately, knowledge of the Preview button was lost for centuries, and modern commentators are only beginning to understand how it works; alas, we may never fully grasp the implications of this mercurial tool.

One more time, Olsonist?

/*Olsonist*: I’d be even more straighter if I had editing privileges. You get me editing privileges and then we’ll talk about sex./