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CGB Meme Invitational - Rishi Loves Friends, LOL (5) v. The Maharg (12)

Here is the 5 v. 12 matchup. Rishi Loves Friends, LOL v. The Maharg. Read the information behind the fold and then vote in the poll.

This is an interesting matchup. Essentially, Rishi v. Maharg. Two of our most worthless commenters here. Which one is the least worthless? Interestingly enough, whoever wins here goes on to face "Twist evicts grandmothers" in the next round. So, BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I might not be able to evict grandmothers, but I surely can evict one of these two from the bracket.

Rishi Loves Friends, LOL (5) via Maharg

If you’ve been around here for more than a week, you’re familiar with Rishi. There are few among us that can shotgun beers as quickly, and even fewer who can go out drinking and avoid marriage with such talent. But there’s one thing that really sets Rishi apart from the rest of us: None of us likes friends as much as he does. And boy Avinash is determined not to let any of us forget it. Now, we all know that Friends is not the most popular show. We all know that when someone says something on the internet it’s 100% of their opinion. Unfortunately, when Rishi first joined CGB none of us realized just how far his love for Friends reached. Now we know, and we all want to make sure that every time he makes a comment, we remind him (and any other readers) of the depths of that love.

Look guys, I don’t think you understand just how funny it is to remind someone of an opinion they’ve previously offered. It’s hilarious. It’s the funniest joke on the interwebs. Especially when they like something as terrible and boring as a show that lasted 10 seasons. Friends is a really really unfunny show, and anyone who ever suggests that they might have liked it (for the record there are approximately 52.5 million viewers who could make that contention about just the series finale), should be mocked accordingly. So let’s all get together and laugh at Rishi for liking the show. But more than that, let’s all get together and laugh at laughing at Rishi liking the show, because that’s clearly the funniest joke we can make consistently.

The Maharg (12)

C'mon. It's The Maharg. F'realz yo. F'realz.