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CGB Meme Invitational - SydHappiness (8) v. Freida Pinto (9)

Ok, here is the 8 v. 9 matchup. I had to change the title for obvious reasons. It's,uh, SydHappiness v. Freida Pinto. Read the information behind the fold and then vote in the poll.

Here, we have a matchup between two vaguely (or not so vaguely) arousing entities: Syd'Quan Thompson and Freida Pinto. In one case, you have a person who gets aroused by football play. And, in the other, you have a person who DOESN'T get aroused by Freida Pinto, because she's like a 4 in his league. His "Internet Male Syndrome" league.

So, who is going to move on to arouse people in the second round? You be the judge!

SydBoner (8)

Beer has offered us a lot of things in life. Or so I've been told. But it has never quite offered us something like SydBoner before.

See, Syd'Quan Thompson is one of the finest DBs in all the land. Although he had a rocky start to his collegiate career, he has learned from those trying times. He has blossomed into a true lock-down corner.

And against MSU, he had quite the game.

In this post, CBKWit wrote about Syd'Quan Thompson's effect on the game. Or at least his drunken memory of it:

Watching a game live, drunk, and having only a sun-soaked video monitor with fewer pixels than an iphone to watch replays, you tend to miss a few things. I decided to re-watch the game in hopes of answering a few lingering questions (Did Sundberg blow that snap? No, it went right through Anger's hands. Were Nasty Nate's interceptions as bad as they seemed? No, they were worse.). Beer helped my write some truly insightful insights in my notebook, like "SYD'BONER" after this play:


Syd's hit wasn't the only thing hard.

But CBKWit wasn't going to stop there. He spoke of the SydBoner again:


thank you SYDBONER

by CBKWit on Sep 5, 2008 2:28 PM PDT to parent up reply reply actions actions 0 recs

But perhaps it went too far. In this post, CBkWit's depth of analysis as to the quality of Syd'Quan Thompson's play consisted solely of this word:


Well, he ain't no HydroTech!

And thus, CBKWit did create the concept of the SydBoner. An erection stemming from the football play of Syd'Quan Thompson.

Freida Pinto (9) via Maharg

If you don’t know who Freida Pinto is, go to Google image search and check her out. No seriously. We’ll wait.

No, seriously go look.

Ok, so now you understand that we’re talking about a beautiful woman, a woman who almost all CGB posters desire greatly. I say almost all, because there are some among us who do not find Frieda Pinto attractive, and I’m not just talking about CalBear81. Clearly, we know that Twist doesn’t find her attractive, because if the thought of another woman crosses his mind Mrs. TwistNHook won’t let him out of the house for a week.

But beyond the clear example, there is at least one more poster among us that does not desire Freida Pinto. Naturally, I speak of Thoroughbred. T-Bred is quite the wild young stallion, and from his own confession, he has known many women at Cal who were more attractive than Freida Pinto. And I think we all know that he means known in the biblical sense. Of course, the rest of us didn’t know that T-Bred meant it in the biblical sense at first, that was something that was only revealed by Rishi. Interesting that Rishi was the only one who knew what 'in the biblical sense" meant. But hey, just more of Rishi being Rishi. (TwistNHook Edit: I knew what "In the Talmudic Sense" or "Talmudically" meant, but not Biblically).

So now you know, T-Bred has known (biblically) literally thousands of women more attractive than Freida Pinto, and all of them were at Cal.

Oh also, Freida Pinto is super hot and really fun to post pictures of. Like this one:



Oh, Gawker, is there anything you won't do?