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What A Year It's Been!

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Wow, I can't believe it's been a whole year.  One year since the California Golden Blogs moved over to SportsBlogs Nation, and this community really began to take off.  9 great wins and 4 devastating losses for our football team, a surprise NCAA tournament appearance for our men's basketball team, a first-ever Sweet 16 appearance for our women's basketball team, and one epic battle to remove the hippies from the trees and finally break ground on the Student Athlete High Performance Center.

I can say with absoulte certainty that when TwistNHook, Yellow Fever and I started this blog 2 1/2 years ago, none of us ever thought this blog would get this big.  In our first month of posting on Blogsome, we had a grand total of 30 comments left, almost all of them by the site authors.  After a year on SBN, we now have 709 registered users who have collectively posted 590 FanPosts, 401 FanShots, and over 126,000 comments (yeah, and only 16,000 of those comments are by TwistNHook!).  In our first month, we probably had something like 200 visits (again, almost all by the site authors).  After a year on SBN?  Over 410,000 visits and over 1.1 million page views!  Even TwistNHook can't refresh his browser that often!

While blogging was fun when no one was reading us, it's a whole lot more rewarding thanks to this great community that we've got.  It truly makes stopping by every day a joy, and motivates me to write during those times that I don't really feel like it.  To all the CGB members out there who bring us praise, criticism, and inanity:  thank you thank you thank you.  And to those lurkers who simply stop by every day or week or whenever to read our stuff, you too are appreciated, so thank you too.

Anyway, to celebrate our first anniversary at, I've compiled a list of some of our best work from the past year; if you've found our site only recently, click after the jump to check out some of the writing that, I think, has caused this blog to be so well-trafficked.

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Photo Essays
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