DBD 4.28.09 Can RemorsefulBruinsBabe do it again?

First, check out Avinash's photo of Natalie Coughlin's wedding bliss.

Second, I'm not sure if this video will work, but this is a video of the last song from the Hip Hop Symphony I wrote about yesterday.  The video quality isnt the best, but its something.  I really love the sax solo near the end there.

But enough about that, let's focus on what I wanted to focus on here.  The CGB Meme Invitational Tournament Pick 'Em Challenge!  RemorsefulBruinsBabe was big on the scene for the NCAA Tournament Pick Em Challenge.  Will she enter the ring again this time?

Because it's on like neckbones, sucka!  First read all the infomacciones aqui.

Then, go check out the bracket right here.  If you notice, in the upper left hand corner, there's a dealie called "Predict It!"  Yup, that's an opportunity to run a Pick Em.  It only takes like 3 minutes.  I mean lets be honest, you arent doing shit all day save for wasting your employer's valuable time.  And you know you've always had the answer to the timeless question of "Stegosaurus or Hattin':  What's better?" (Spoiler Alert:  Perhaps a Stegosaurus with a hat?)  All it takes is an fake name and a (potentially fake) email (although you do have to check the email they send for the password).  Try to make the name be your CGB handle, so we know who is who.  Then, set it up and we can see who'll be the best. 

Is it me?  Is it RemorsefulBruinsBabe?  Is it you?

Well, I know who it isn't.  Me.  Because man do I suck.  At everything.  Except for predicting Gossip Girl storylines, because man did I call the big "twist" tonight.  Gabriel was so scamming all those upper class white people.  They were so white!  And upper class.  Those are the just the type of people who get taken in by gorgeous "Southerners" without a trace of an accent who show up out of nowhere with an unrealistic ability to triple people's investment and do good by poor people at the same time.  If only Rufus hadn't shown up in person to give Gabriel his investment.  DON'T DO IT, RUFUS!  IT'S A SCAM!!!!  YOU'LL NEVER BE ABLE TO PAY DAN'S TUITION TO YALE NOW!

So, long story short, let's pick it!  Winner gets Avinash's JJ Arrington jersey.  Or, alternatively, a smug(ger) sense of self-worth. But, most likely, the JJ Arrington jersey.  I mean it's not like Avinash is using it.


Mens golf in 6th place after first day of Pac10 Championships:

SEATTLE - Junior John Murphy led the field with a first round 69 Monday at the Pac-10 Championship and ended the day 2-under in a tie for 2nd as the Golden Bears finished the first day in 6th after two rounds at the Seattle Golf Club.

Eric Mina is in 7th with his 1-over 145 after two rounds. Only the top-3 teams - Washington, in first place at 5-over; Oregon and Oregon State - share the distinction of having two or more golfers among the top 10 after 36 holes.

The host Huskies lead the event after Monday's action with Darren Wallace the individual leader at 2-under. His teammates Chris Killmer is tied with Murphy.

California's lineup on Monday rounded out the scoring with a 6-over 150 from Michael Jensen (T31), one stroke ahead of George Gandranata (T36) and two strokes in front of Stephen Hale (T40).

Murphy shot a 69 to lead the field over the first 18 holes. His first round was afire with 5 straight birdies, ending with 6 against 1 double bogey and a bogey.

The first-year Bear who transferred last summer from Old Dominion stumbled out of the gate in round two, bogeying the first hole before playing even-par golf most of the way back to the clubhouse.

Eric Mina fired 4 birdies against 3 bogeys in round one, then played practically dead-even golf with one 1 birdie and 1 bogey to end the day 1-over.

Michael Jensen improved his second-round score by 4 strokes, and George Gandranata also shaved one stroke between rounds despite a 7th-hole double bogey in the second round.


It's in Seattle, Maharg.

Be nice. You can find the original CGB team at

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