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Follow the Cal Spring Game LIVE tomorrow on Twitter!

Look, I might not be no computerologist.  And I don't have a lot of book-learnin'  So I don't know exactly how Ragnarok and HydroTech will be transmitting their brain waves through their phone to all you people.  But, using something called Twitter, first pioneered by Devil-American Pete Carroll, we'll be "live-tweeting" the Cal Spring Football Game tomorrow.  Is that even a phrase, "live-tweet"?  I might have just invented a  new phrase.  You are all witnesses to history.  Useless, useless history.

And the history continues tomorrow starting at 11:30 AM.  You can follow us at    And if you are going to be there in person, you can come to the CGB Meet Up

And if you are there in person AND have a smart phone, you can do both!  We look forward to either seeing you in person and slash or virtually tomorrow at the Cal Spring Game.  Go Bears!