Put Those Teabags Away!


For democracy has finally accomplished something. We won the Best Of Berkeley Competition (link in title) for Best Blog! Yay for us! Here is what they wrote: Best Blog: California Golden Blogs California Golden Blogs isn’t five guys sitting in grandma’s basement in their underwear, typing aimless blabber about all things Cal sports. In fact, the men who run California Golden Blogs are all employed, according to a poster named ragnarok. Four are situated in the Bay Area, while a lone correspondent reports from New York. And the quality shows—ever since joining the network of blogs, California Golden Blogs has blossomed into to web’s top source for Cal apologetics. 
 According to ragnarok, the site does not reap profits. Any and all ad revenue is donated to the Cal Band, and the only motive that keeps California Golden Blogs running is fandom—or fanaticism, if you prefer. 
 For fans who would rather not participate in rabid Cal discussions under an online alias, be sure to at least check out the numerous highlight reels put together by a reader named danzig by clicking on the fanshots tab. Started in 2006, the site has somewhat become a mecca for Bears fans. For readers that have already exhausted the stories of local media outlets, it’s tough pickings trying to find a website that does a better job of fostering community and furthering fan interest. —Andrew Kim Honorable Mention: The Daily Clog Editors' Pick: The Daily Clog First, I like how they are shocked that some, if not all, of us actually, stunningly, unbelievable, incredibly, have jobs! Second, what the what is going on with this: Editors' Pick: The Daily Clog. What sort of Tyranny is this? How should we express to the Daily Cal Editor's our displeasure with them denying the will of the people? My suggestion: Throwing a million teabags into the Potomac River. Who is with me?

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