DBD 3.30.09 No. 1 TwistNHook's Detective Agency

Just got finished watching the premier ep of the No 1. Ladies' Detective Agency.  My wife has read most of the books, so we were excited about the HBO series.  We, of course, being her as excited and me as "of course I'm excited honey!"  But, after watching it, it really is a great show.  I mean, ok, sure it's not the most nuanced view of Botswana.  However, its a fictional show and not a documentary.  Not everything needs to be as depressing as Slumdog Millionare.  Even though the story lines are a bit fluffy, every thing else about the show is great.  I love the colors, I love the way they speak English in oddly formal ways, I love the colors and clothes and backgrounds (especially in HD) and I think Jill Scott (who plays the main character) is very, very beautiful.  It's a funny show and I would recommend it to anybody and everybody.

But it got me thinking.  There are a lot of mysteries around here that need solving.  So, I am opening up the No. 1 TwistNHook's Detective Agency.  I know that I am the No. 1 TwistNHook's Detective Agency, because there are no other TwistNHooks who are detectives out there.  It is a market I have cornered and I plan on using that monpoly to my advantage!  Now, I just need a painfully uptight secretary (HydroTech) and a homosexual neighbor who runs a hair salon (CBKWit).  I'll be good to go!


Just imagine that that's my face there as the No. 1 Detective, were you to know what my face looked like via

So, I beseech you, people of the California Golden Blogs.  Bring me your mysteries.  And I'll use my best detectiving skills to detective the shit out of them.  Who is first?

Bee Tee Dubya, I've started listening to Jill Scott's smooth R+B music.  This is, so far, my favorite song.  The exploration continues!

And while we wait for those cases, here are some Cal links.  I have to fold a lot of laundry tonight before I go to bed, so I might finish these up in the morning. (TwistNHook Edit:  I folded faster than Lehman Brothers!  I am a laundry artisan!)  But let's get started with the somber news of the day.

Cal women lose to UConn:

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) -The California Golden Bears season came to an end Sunday with a 77-53 loss to the No. 1 Connecticut Huskies in the third round game of the NCAA tournament.

The Golden Bears jumped out to a hot start. Senior Ashley Walker started the game hitting six of her first eight shots, helping to propel the Bears to an eight point lead, 31-23, with 6:23 remaining in the first half.

Connecticut closed out the half on a 12-2 run to take a 35-33 lead at the break. It was the second closest halftime game of the season for the 36-0 Uconn Huskies.

Connecticut outscored Cal 42-20 in the second half to earn the 77-53 victory and to advance to the Elite 8.

Walker scored 21 to lead California, which was making its first trip to the regionals in program history after blowing out Fresno State and Virginia in the first two rounds.

Connecticut had dismantled opponents this season, including beating seven ranked teams by an average of 31 points, with Cal beating the average.

California jumped out to a 7-2 lead in the first few minutes. It marked the first time UConn had trailed in a game since an early deficit against Seton Hall on Feb. 28.

It didn't get much better for the Huskies, who fell behind 31-23 on Walker's 3-pointer with 6:38 remaining before the break, forcing Auriemma to call time-out and silencing the mostly pro-Huskies crowd.

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