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Women's Basketball Recap & Elite 8 Open Thread

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At least we had one good half. Not many people can say that against the Gino Machine. Good luck in the pros you two.



Use this as a place to discuss the game and the season for Cal hoops, and as an open thread for the final two games of the Elite 8. Do you consider this a successful year for the Bears on the hardwood?

Already underway--Michigan St.-Louisville

This afternoon--UNC-Oklahoma

Bracket standings:

1st I'm the best bracket maker ever (91)
T-2nd Rishi & cleancutmedia (86)
4th Takimoto (84)
T-5th TwistNHook & dballisloose (82)
T-7th Ohio Bear, UCONNBEAR FAN!!!, Beast Mode, royrules22 (81)