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Friday Sweet Sixteen Open Thread

I hate this tournament. Chalk. Chalk. CHALK!




T-1st Cleancutmedia, 66/178: Has Louisville winning it all.

T-1st dballisloose, 66/170: Ditto, but had Memphis in the Final 4.

T-1st Rishi, 66/110: He picked Memphis, he is done.

T-4th royrules22, 65/177: Entilted "royrules22's sucky bracket". Sweet 16 intact, Elite 8 intact, Final 4 intact, and Pitt still breathing. Real sucky bracket. Right.

T-4th KG, 65/165: Feel free to claim this KG, whoever you are. Has Wake in the Final 4.

T-6th BearsBeetsBattlestarGalactica, 64/176: Is this California Bone? Can't tell. Also in great shape going into the weekend.

T-6th HolmoePhobe, 64/168: Memphis in the Final 4.

T-8th i'm the best bracket maker, 63/171: I have no idea who this is.

T-8th one in 150 million, 63/159: Who are you people?

T-8th OhManGoAs, 63/119: Had Memphis. Adieu.

T-11th: GoldenBear421, What Would Monty Do?, Pyunny's Pirates, picks, HOUSE66 at 62

T-16th: Ohio Bear, Montezuma's Revenge, CALumbus Bear, BeastMode Version 1.0, UCONN BEAR FAN!!!, CalNet, Moscow Doug, and the biggest moron in the world who picked Memphis. Oh and two other guys who did the same, BakBak'sHonktasticNailedItFest & sharkbit12. All at 61.

Moderator race: This is actually more interesting than the actual tourney. CBKWit (aka Knox Harrington?) is in the lead T-26th with 60, Twist and Hydro are T-36th with 58, ragnarok T-41st, trailing right behind with 57, and yellow fever in 51st with an admirable 56 points, even though his homerism compelled him to pick Cal winning it all.

Onto the games!

All times again PST

4:07 PM: Arizona vs Louisville: Should be a rout. If Arizona wins though, all brackets are thrown into chaos. And I FINALLY win a prop bet.

4:27 PM: Syracuse vs Oklahoma: Blake Griffin versus Syracuse's backcourt. This all tournament has had a Big East dominance vibe to it though. It's really annoying how the postseason has reflected the regular season.

6:37 PM: Kansas vs Michigan St: This will be interesting, if by interesting you mean ugly to watch. Both teams are very turnover happy, so if you enjoy schadenfreude, this isyour deal.

7:07 PM: Gonzaga vs North Carolina: Other than UConn winning it all, Gonzaga is pretty much all I have left.

I have no picks today. And it's not even because I'm 5-16 and in a horrid slump. Nothing is appealing. Would've flirted with Gonzaga if the line was shorter, but 8.5 is way too much. Maybe the Arizona/Louisville under if I get an itch before gametime. Good luck to anyone who has anything on these.