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Sweet Sixteen Open Thread



The brackets go on. Again you can view the standings in the right results, or just go to the CGB page to track who you need to win tonightMarch Madness On Demand is still working, so you can watch it online here.

My Pick results so far: 5-12? I dunno. I've lost a lot on the tourney this week. Thank goodness for the NIT/CBI. Go Beavers!

(All times PST)

4:07 PM, Purdue vs. UConn (West): It's just not UConn's week, you know? Purdue +6.5

4:27 PM, Xavier vs Pitt (East): I hate both of these teams.

6:37 PM, Missouri vs Memphis (West): A fun game to watch. I don't need money on it.

6:57 PM, Villanova vs Duke (East): I'm going to kill myself when they lose by 20. Duke -2.5.

Enjoy tonight's action!