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First Week CGB Bracket Results



Boy, if you like chalk, this is your bracket.

(for number x/number y, x represents points earned, y points created)

T-1st dballisloose (54/182): In great shape, Elite 8 entirely intact.

T-1st Sup (54/170): Picking Wake Forest to go to the Final 4 will hurt him down the stretch, but still in decent standing if Memphis can roll on.

T-3rd Montezuma's Revenge (53/181): Like dballisloose, also has an entirely intact Elite 8.

T-3rd: Me (53/177): Have UCLA in the Elite 8. Oh boy was that smart.

T-3rd: CALumbus Bear (53/169): Washington in the Final 4. Eep.

T-6th: HolmoePhobe, Send It In Jerome, GoAs!, and our awesome Cal Dancer DancingDoc! (52/180): Intact Elite 8. If the tournament continues to provide minimal drama, look for these four to catapult to the top.

10th: OhManGoAs (51/179): Same as the 6th place people.

T-11th at 50: Notable CGB personalities include HOUSE66, racsan and *shudder* Twist.

T-19th at 49: Includes ragnarok, royrules22, Ohio Bear, sharkbit12, sactownxsi, MoscowDoug, markdash, and one of the two BeastModes, the other one being in 105th place.

(If anyone wants to claim their bracket, please tell me in the comments and I'll acknowledge you in future recaps! We all know the Internet is for acknowledgement.)

And it goes on like that. Shouldn't be any real separation until next weekend!

Of course, in the moderator competition everyone's been talking about: Twist (11th place at 50 points), ragnarok (19th place at 49 points), CBKWit and Commissioner Yellow Fever (34th place at 48 points), and Hydro (61st place at 46 points). Who will triumph? Vote in the poll!