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The Madness Goes On And On: Sunday Round of 32 Open Thready




Following my bracket became a lot less fun yesterday. As did gambling on it. But hey, at least it became more fun to watch.

My horrible picks might be 3-9, but my Gonzaga Final 4 prediction is still alive! At least until Thursday, when North Carolina and T-Hambone horribly wreck it.

Current standings (for the x/y, x represents points earned, y represents points possible)

1. dballisloose (42/182)

T-2: Montezuma's Revenge (41/183), Ohio Bear (41/179), UCONN BEAR FAN!!! (41/165)

T-5: HolmoePhobe (40/182), Send It In Jerome (40/180), HOUSE66 (40/180), picks (40/180), Go A's! (40/180), Clean Cut Media - Oh so Easy (40/178), Sup (40/170)

T-12 at 39 includes notable CGB personalities (sorry in advance if I missed anyone, please correct me if I have in the comments) like OhManGoAs, sharkbit12, sactownxsi, CALumbus Bear, markdash, Mister Pie & Fire Starkey.

Among CGB's leaders, CBKWit is T-23rd, Twist is T-50th, ragnarok is T-68th, Hydro & yellow fever (who deserves points for blind homerism by picking Cal, national champion) are T-79th. Maybe the winner can tell me where my J.J. Arrington jersey is.

I wouldn't really say anyone is out of it yet (even defending champ zoonews, in next to last, still has a possible 169 points which puts him well in range), and if you're anywhere above 155, you should be in good shape going to the Sweet 16.

Onto the schedule!

All times PST:

9:10 AM, #6 ASU vs #3 Syracuse in Miami, South Region, winner faces Oklahoma

11:20 AM, #12 Wisconsin vs #4 Xavier in Boise, East Region

11:30 AM, #11 Dayton vs #3 Kansas in Minneapolis, Midwest Region

11:40 AM, #13 Cleveland St. vs #12 Arizona in Miami, Midwest Region

11:50 AM, #8 Oklahoma St vs #1 Pitt in Dayton, East Region, winner faces Xavier-Wisconsin winner

1:50 PM, #6 Marquette vs #3 Missouri in Boise, West Region, winner faces Memphis

2:00 PM, #10 USC vs #2 Michigan St. in Minneapolis, Midwest Region, winner faces Kansas-Dayton winner

2:20 PM, #9 Siena vs #1 Louisville in Dayton, Midwest Region, winner faces Cleveland St.-Arizona winner

Picks: 3-9. Why exactly you'd want my advice on picks from here on out is beyond me. In order of highest confidence to lowest, ASU +2.5, Marquette +4, Siena +11.5, Wisconsin +3.5, USC +3.5.