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NCAA Tournament Day Two Afternoon Games Open Thread



11:45 AM: Temple vs ASU

11:55 AM: E. Tenn St vs. Pitt

12 PM: Cornell vs. Mizzou

12 PM: Dayton vs West Virginia

Yesterday's picks: 2-4

Avinash sez: I wish I could express the hatred I have in my heart for UCLA (I know people here can do that in much easier ways). I can understand clanking jumper after jumper, but missing 60 layups doesn't sit well with me. Actually, it doesn't sit with me at all, especially when I need you to win by 9. NOT COOL BRUINS.

There is a decent chance Temple could upset Arizona State based on the starpower of their man man Dionte Christmas. So if you're a big Pac-10 homer, this particular game could mean a bit to you.

Afternoon picks: ETSU +19.5 (just because my Final 4 picks have sucked it up so far), Cornell +12. There have to be charities out there that need my money.

TwistNHook denotes: All of the info from the morning open thread is behind the fold. There's a new set of games on the horizon here! Since this thread isn't really blowing up, there's no need for a new open thread. We'll just recycle this one! But please continue discussing the morning games. OR ELSE I'LL KILL YOU.


"A photo certain to brighten anybody's morning!" via

Well, the long hard trudge to the fall starts today! But there will be a lot more to discuss in the coming months not only about Spring practice and basketball wrap up, but also baseball and other Cal sports. And luckily, nothing about Dumpsters or even Muffins!

For right now, there's a LOT of college basketball going on! Here are the morning games. Enjoy!

12:15 PM ET(14) Stephen F. Austin vs. (3) Syracuse

12:25 PM ET(9) Tennessee vs. (8) Oklahoma State

12:30 PM ET(14) North Dakota State vs. (3) Kansas

12:30 PM ET(11) Utah State vs. (6) Marquette

PS Thanks to The Maharg for taking a moment out of his busy schedule of worthlessness to help me with this post.