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Selection Sunday Open Thread

The moment of truth has arrived. We find our brackets. Then we unite with our coworkers in a mad dash toward filling out these brackets. Then one by one, we all fall down, trudge back to our cubicles, and go back to hating our jobs.



And then at the end, a hero emerges. Someone who guesses all the upsets correctly, some Joe Douchebag who doesn't have a damn clue who any of these teams are, who has probably watched about an hour of college basketball in his life in between his hair gel sessions and purse shopping sessions at Hot Topic. And he probably gets laid more than you too. You hate him so much.

This cultural phenomenon will be crystalized in the next few hours. And after a year of everyone eating chalk with the four #1s, hopefully we'll be heading back to madness this season.

But this is about Cal, so let's look at the current projections:

California is currently ranked 29th in Pomeroy, right behind 28th SC. So if we were to go by Pomeroy's rankings they are very much in the hunt for a crucial 7th seed, and do have a good chance to get it. Will the Selection Committee reward them with the bid?

Feel free to discuss possible opponents,favorable brackets, teams Cal wants to avoid, teams Cal could upset, etc. during this afternoon of awesome. Do we want an 8/9 seed to bring on the upset power? Do we want a 7/10 seed to prolong our chances at the Sweet 16? What locations would best suit the Bears? How many brackets do you fill out? What should the prize be for our CGB Tournament Brackets? Etc. etc.

Oh, and when the actual thing happens, just talk about that too.