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Open Thread: Friday Night Tourney Lights

With Cal's next game not for another week, we're left with numerous amounts of hoops action that hopefully some of you care somewhat about. Hey, if nothing else, it leaves you with numerous opportunities to gamble.

(All times PST)

Pac-10 Tournament

  • ASU vs UW, 6 PM, FSN HD
  • USC vs UCLA, 8:30 PM, FSN HD

These games have some meaning to Cal only in the sense of perception. UW winning this makes us look really good for our wins over them. UCLA winning this would probably be not so good. We've been okay against the other two schools. In the end all we want is to avoid having USC take a Pac-10 spot that might push us further down the pecking order when it comes to bracket time.

Other games to watch:

Big East Tournament

  • Louisville vs. Villanova, 4 PM, ESPN HD
  • West Virginia vs. Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice, 6 PM, ESPN HD

ACC Tournament

  • Wake Forest vs Maryland, 4 PM, ESPN2 HD
  • Duke vs Boston College, 6 PM, ESPN2 HD
    Cal players in the NBA
  • Leon Powe will still be starting for the Celtics as they take on Memphis, 4:30 PM
    • Ryan Anderson will be riding the bench for Nets-Blazers, 7 PM
    • Rod Benson is playing in Reno! There's a video link at ChannelSurfing if you want to see the most famous Golden Blogger of all, 7 PM
    • Jason Kidd will be in the Bay Area for another epic Mavs-Warriors tilt, 7:30 PM

I'm sure I'm missing something good. Just let it loose in the comments.

Full list of college games can be found here. If you have expensive satellite, you'll be able to find any of these. If you're cheap and want feeds...check out Channel Surfing and JustinTV and you'll probably be able to find something.

Be prepared for wall to wall coverage open threads tomorrow--14 hours of basketball!