I don't know how to start this out so I'll just say it. 

I'm done.  I'm leaving the blog (although I would much prefer to stay).

TwistNHook hasn't been completely forthcoming with the reasons why but I suppose you can say we're having irreconcilable differences.  We both agreed that it was probably best for me to leave before our fighting tore things apart and hurt our readership.  The last thing I want to do is for my disagreements with Twist to cause the blog to fail or to interrupt the serenity of this peaceful beachside community. 

I'm deeply saddened about this turn of events.  It's not something I envisioned.  But while I am saddened, I am really more confused.  As I said earlier, Twist really hasn't been completely forthcoming with why he thinks I need to go other than my absence would benefit the community. 

Twist has only conceded the following reason:

You have exhibited behavior and conduct unbecoming of a Marshawnthusiast.

As to what that behavior is, he hasn't explained. 

My best guess is that I agreed to publish a football related post last Friday (the day after Cal beat Arizona for the first time in like 15+ years).  The irony behind this being the reason for my departure (if it is the reason), is that TwistNHook asked for me to put up my post that day.  You see, I'll often write posts and just leave them as drafts to be used as necessary when we have a free day.  Last Friday we didn't have anything in particular to post so Twist asked to put up my football post.  I consented.  As you all know, there was some uproar as to why a football post was being published amid basketball season and right after one of the basketball team's biggest wins in the past few years.  And while TwistNHook showed no public criticism of me, behind the scenes in private emails he lambasted me.  I shall not take the liberty of copy/pasting his comments on this post as since they are not suitable for public consumption.

I've asked TwistNHook if my football post was the reason for my departure.  He won't say, but after the recent exchange of heated emails regarding the football post last Friday, I can only assume that that post was the reason - that it was that post which was my exhibition of "behavior and conduct unbecoming of a Marshawnthusiast." 

Until Twist gives me a solid reason for his heavy handed request that I leave the blog, I'll assume that was the reason. 

I'll assume that was the reason and give TwistNHook the benefit of the doubt in that he isn't trying to find some trivial reason to release me because he's bringing someone else on board.

Oops.  Did I ruin the surprise?  Too bad, Twist.  Too frickin' bad.  

I think Twist wanted to keep things a secret, and I might have just spoiled the surprise but yes, apparently we have a new addition here at the CGB.  I knew about this new addition for the past few weeks.  As I understood it, this new addition would be, well, an "addition."  But now I think this new writer is really more like a "replacement." My replacement.

So quite awkwardly, in my farewell post, I introduce the newest writer here at the CGB, Avinash (aka "Bears Necessity"). 

Welcome Avinash!

Please welcome him with open arms and an open heart.  Please don't take out any frustrations with how Twist has handled my situation out on Avinash.  Avinash is an innocent party here.  He doesn't deserve any blame for what has transpired.

So with that, i bid you farewell.  It was fun while it lasted.  Thank you for reading my posts.  Thank you for putting up with my horrible grammar, spelling, and numerous typos.  Thank you for commenting and letting me know that people were reading my posts.  I hope you found the posts interesting and you learned something new about football that you can take with you to the games to better understand what might be going on. 

In a few days, I suppose I'll be permanently demoted from "Marshawnthusiast."  Until then, I may post a few last comments and run amuck while I still can. 

Once again, I'm sorry Twist and I couldn't work out our differences.  Thank you and goodbye.



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