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Let's think for Robert Calonico!

Starting tomorrow, all the Tournaments begin, Pac10 or otherwise. It becomes crunch time!  Which is why, TedfordIsGod, we have a LOT of Screen Pass-related posts coming.

But before we get to all those in depth discussions of the screen pass, we thought we might have a little fun.  So, we had our post on the CDT.  And now, this bad boy on some rather random hilarity that fell into our lap the other day.  Another thing that fell into our lap, recently, was some money.  Just a small bit.  Not a lot, really.  We decided not to split it 5 ways, because we are all full of spite and rage against Yellow Fever.  If you need to ask why, you clearly don't know Yellow Fever!

So, we sent the money off as a donation to the Cal Band.  Then, we got this letter.  Make sure to read it in its entirety:


So, my question is, what was Bob thinking as he signed this one?  What could have been going through his mind about this epic stupidity???