Weekend DBD 2/7-2/8: BOOM! Roasted!

Twist and Hook may think that he created the greatest CGB meme ever when he described the immortal HONK.  Little did he know that powerful forces would combine to foil him!

Fact: Black bears are the best bears
Fact: Rod Benson is a great Cal alumni
Fact: The Office is the best sit-com on TV right now

How do all of these facts relate?  Exhibit A: Click on episode 514.  You should watch it all (45 minutes total), but you only need to watch the last few minutes to find the pertinent reference.  Exhibit B:  Another seminal blog from Rob Benson.

The findings?

So, since I lost the bet, I guess it’s time for me to lobby for UCLA. It’s time for me to tell kids who might have a choice between Berkeley and UCLA a reason to choose UCLA instead of Cal. O.K. Here goes.

  • If you’re a kid who can choose between UCLA and Cal, you should choose UCLA if:
  • You have an older brother that you’ve always admired, and thus wanted to completely copy.
  • You have insane amounts of money and love living in an insanely expensive place. But, if you have even more money, then maybe U$C is best.
  • You want to stalk Audrina Partridge.
  • You like mascots who can juggle.
  • You are ridiculously patient and love waiting in an hour of traffic for a ten-minute drive.
  • You want to be an academic big fish in a small academic pond.
  • You don’t mind living an hour away from your football stadium.
  • You are good at pretending to be friends with people. This will come in handy when it comes time to get into parties and clubs. Make fake friends with kids from Sigma Chi.
  • You are cool with the possibility of being tasered by campus police.
  • You want people to recognize you for being an extra in movies like Old School.
  • You understand how an acronym can have lower-case letters. (Check their logo.)
  • Boom! Roasted!

From now on, whenever you insult someone, "Boom! Roasted!" must now be involved.  For example:  Hydro, your DBDs are the worst!  Boom!  Roasted!  CBKWit never posts!  Boom!  Roasted!  Lawyers are a blight on modern society!  Boom! Roasted!

Enjoy the weekend and Go Bears!

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