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Signing Day 2009 Open Thread



Here is the official link where Cal will put up information on new recruits starting at 6 AM Pacific Standard Time. Use this thread to discuss all recruiting-related information, be it about Cal recruits or otherwise. It's been a long, hard slog for Coach Tedford and his assistants. Hopefully, their work will bear fruit today that will carry this team for years to come.

Coach Tedford will have a press conference in the afternoon. Here is more information:

Head Coach Jeff Tedford's Press Conference can be seen via Cal All-Access late in the afternoon. You must be a subscriber to view this event. Yearly Subscriptions are $59.95 and monthly subscriptions are $7.95. Please visit:

Also, GoldBlooded was walking through campus yesterday and saw Jahvid Best in a wheelchair. Is there an injury we haven't heard about or is this just some sort of early Halloween 09 costume? Any knowledge?