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Cal v. UCLA 2.28.09 Plus (!) ESPN Gameday Thread

Today, Cal takes on UCLA with a chance for some revenge and maybe, just maybe the Pac10 title.

It seems like all this year, everybody has counted Cal out. Saying that Cal is worth nothing. That they are uneducated, poor, and could never get Latika Nolastname. Looking down on Cal, just because they served tea to call center workers.

Well, yknow what, call center workers talk a lot, so they get thirsty. And tea is an important and refreshing drink! And Cal is going to deliver tea ALL OVER the Bruins today. Or something, I'm having trouble fitting this game's narrative with Slumdog Millionare. And "deliver tea ALL OVER you" wasn't quite the intimidating phrase I was hoping for. That threat ranks up there with "I'll practice the trumpet ALL OVER you" and "I'll wash my car ALL OVER you."

What's frustrating is that it is a complicated movie with no clear villain. And UCLA is playing the role of clear villain here. So, the analogy doesn't work. Would Coach Ben Howland be the cruel machinations of an unfair Indian society, especially towards orphans? Would Darren Collison be endemic poverty? This is so difficult! I mean I already figured that one of UCLA's players can be the "Jai" Ho. Maybe Jrue. He definitely seems like a Jai Ho to me! He's totes the Jaiest Ho around. I can't think of a Ho more Jaier than Jrue.


"Ok, I think she would represent the NCAA Tournament, but I'm too stupid to figure this all out." via

Long story short, Slumdog Millionare is a movie too complex for my simple metaphors and similes. And Cal is, wait, wait, wait, wait I got it, Josh Shipp is Salim, because hes like family, but evil. *sigh* Forget this, I've failed. I've failed like such a failure. I'm like the Joe Ayoob of metaphors and narratives! The politics of failure have failed! Unlike the Cal basketball team, I'm doing terrible.

Let's just focus on the matters of the day. ESPN Gameday, is coming to Berkeley today! Here's the full preview. It starts at 8 AM PST, so watch for all of our signs! Here is a stream of the Gameday!

UCLA Bruins (21-7, 10-5) at California Golden Bears (21-7, 10-5)
Saturday, Feb. 28, 6 p.m., Haas Pavilion, Berkeley, Calif.
Radio: KYOU (1550 AM)

JustinTV streams the game. As does ChannelSurfing. GO BEARS!