Cameron Morrah Looking Good, Athletic at Combine

  • 6'3.375", 244 -- expected
  • 4.66 official forty (3rd) but looked like the 2nd fastest guy on the simulcast of the runs -- faster than expected
  • Looked fluid in running and had good (better than expected) upper-body size -- showed with 24 reps (4th)... more than a lot of the elite blockers in this class, including Pettigrew, Oher, and Monroe
  • Legs and ass definitely on the thin side
  • Definite power and pop on his blocks -- I've felt that he was a lot better blocker than everyone was saying.  I saw that as a bandwagon opinion that people echoed to sound smart about football...  Still room for improvement though as it doesn't look natural   Edit:Todd McShay agrees with me... Uses quick first step to beat defenders to the spot. Plays with a wide base, stays low and can root defenders off the ball. Takes sound angles to downfield assignments and generally does a nice job of covering up linebackers at the second level... Tenacious and does a tremendous job of finishing blocks. Appears fearless when working the middle of the field.
  • Only saw one of his Gauntlet runs... one drop, not too smooth, didn't stand out as good or bad
  • Looks like he was well-prepared and well-coached
  • After what I saw, I fully expect him to be drafted.  I believe he was borderline before, mainly because he was off the radars of a lot of teams.  Once they pop in the tape of him against SC and MSU, they'll see he can get open anywhere on the field against any coverage and can move the chains

His Combine Profile


Top Performer in:

40-yard dash | Bench press | 3-cone drill | 20-yard shuttle






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