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Fantasy Week in Review - Week 14


League 1, 2

1t. class of 87 - 148
1t. rickysanchez - 148

3. Montezuma's Revenge - 143
4. goshatgo - 142
5t. AussieBrian - 140
5t. Clean Cut Media - 140
5t. NorcalNick'sPicks - 140
5t. kmando - 140
5t. vanman1013 - 140
5t. tmoran3020's picks suck - 140
5t. Josh in Portland - 140

What to do?  We ultimately decided that the best thing to do would be the extend the competition between class of 87 and rickysanchez to this year's College Bowl Pick'em.

So sign up here, and sign up for league #20598, and use the password "gobears".  As before, if there's enough demand we'll set up another league.  Whomever performs better between class of 87 and rickysanchez will get the $50 gift card to the Cal student store, but that shouldn't stop everyone else from signing up too.  Maybe we'll come up with other random goodies for whomever happens to win the Bowl Pick'em if it's not one of our two regular season leaders.

  • Not a whole lot of games this week to pick from.  With only nine games, four people tied for first for the week with six correct picks: Thoroughbred's Winners, Moscow Doug, Barney Barnerges, and YellaWoodPremiumDeathPaneling.  That's one hell of a pick set name right there.
  • Only six people correctly took Pittsburgh +1.5 against Cincinnati.  Sixteen took Nebraska +14.5 against Texas.  
  • Only two people took Washington +7 against our Bears.  These people are worthy of your slings and arrows.  These people also happen to be named YellaWoodPremiumDeathPaneling and CalPete likes beer.