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Aaron Rodgers Open Thread vs Baltimore

Cal Goldenboy and facial hair enthusiast Aaron Rodgers is oonce again back in the national spotlight.  On Monday Night Football on ESPN at 8:30 PM EST/5:30 PM PST, he takes on the vaunted Baltimore Ravens defense.  

Acme Packing Company breaks it down.

QB Aaron Rodgers vs. the Ravens pass D. Based on the yardage rankings, this looks like a matchup that would favor Rodgers. But the Ravens have held opposing QBs to a rating of 79.0, with 12 TDs (12th fewest) and 12 INTs (7th most). Their pass defense is currently ranked No. 5 overall by Football Outsiders, which would be the best pass defense he's faced so far this season. Though they have lost both starting CB Fabian Washington (torn ACL) and star pass rusher LB Terrell Suggs (torn MCL) in recent weeks. Those injuries are similar to what the Packers have gone through, except LB Aaron Kampman is gone for the season and Suggs should return later this month. In their 2 games without Suggs, who has 3.5 of their 21 sacks on the season, the Ravens were without a sack against the Colts or Steelers, which should help the struggling o-line avoid any disaster. This is a tough matchup for Rodgers, but he's been good to outstanding in every game this season and I wouldn't bet against him.

Use this thread to discuss the game and Aaron Rodger's maturation as a quality NFL quarterback.  Make us proud, Aaron!  Make us proud!  GO BEARS! 

PS The contents of this thread should, in no way, reflect any interest in my part on a Green Bay victory.  I fully retain my hatred from the 1990s, but have made an exception for Aaron Rodgers.  Go Rodgers and Go Ravens!