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Cal-Utah in the Poinsettia Bowl + Bowl Selection Sunday Open Thread

David Seawright says Cal to the Poinsettia Bowl. (HT Berkelium) And they will be facing Utah, since ESPN confirmed a BYU-Oregon State Vegas Bowl (HT gigglingone).

UPDATE: Sources are saying BYU to Vegas, Utah to Poinsettia.

Official press release, although Utah has not yet been announced: (HT calgbear)

California, which will continue is school-record run of bowl appearances with its seventh consecutive postseason invitation, has accepted a bid to the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl against a to-be-named opponent from the Mountain West Conference on Wednesday, Dec. 23 at San Diego's Qualcomm Stadium. Kickoff will be at 5 p.m. and the game will be televised on ESPN...

Overall, Cal will be making its 20th bowl appearance, with the Bears owning a 10-8-1 postseason record. Cal has twice played in bowl games in San Diego in recent years, having participated in the Holiday Bowl in 2004 and '06.

"We are looking forward to going to San Diego and playing in the Poinsettia Bowl," Tedford said. "We've had great experiences in bowl games in San Diego in the past. We've always been treated very well, and the hospitality has been outstanding. We are looking forward to playing a quality opponent from the Mountain West Conference."

Regardless what you think of the current system, bowl selection night is always a fun one. It's a great day to pick out games you'll want to watch, other games that you can probably skip out on, and many college football alumni finally figure out whether they're making one last pilgrimage this Christmas to a final football showcase.

We have a pretty good idea of who's getting picked where. So ponder these questions in the comments:

Which bowl games are you looking forward the most to? Which games look like total duds? Do you have any big gripes with some of the selections? And what do you feel about Cal's bowl matchup?

Official BCS matchups announced on FOX around 8 PM EST/5 PM PST; ESPN selection show runs at the same time. Updates on all the Pac-10 teams after the jump, and discuss Cal's official announcement. (including BIG NEWS coming from Arizona)

2:20 PM PST/5:20 PM EST

USC to the Emerald Bowl and Oregon State to the Vegas Bowl. So to the final matchups are (tentatively)

Rose: Oregon-Ohio State
Holiday: Arizona-Nebraska
Sun: Furd-Oklahoma
Vegas: Oregon State-BYU
Emerald: USC-Boston College
Poinsettia: Cal-Utah
Humanitarian (IF Navy beats Army): UCLA-Idaho

1:35 PM PST/4:35 PM EST
The Furd-Oklahoma Sun Bowl has been confirmed.


Sources are saying the Furd will be in the Sun Bowl against Oklahoma.

According to Ted Miller, big changes happening in Arizona, along with the expected bowl invite to San Diego.

  • Arizona has been invited to the Holiday Bowl, as expected.
  • Arizona athletic director Jim Livengood may be headed to the same post at UNLV.
  • And defensive coordinator Mark Stoops is a hot head coaching candidate. He may be headed to Youngstown State. Or following Livengood to UNLV.

UCLA will earn an invite to the Humanitarian Bowl if Navy beats Army this Saturday.