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Washington 42, California 10: Bears Hibernate A Week Early

Amazing how our season has gone. We've had blowouts, some thrilling wins...and some of the worst fucking losses I've ever seen. Every defeat hasn't been bad, it's been eye-gouging. Nothing redeemable about any one of them. You just want to take the tapes and burn them. Bad football, bad coaching, bad blocking, bad quarterbacking, bad pass defense, bad special teams...

I don't care too much about the four losses (we lost to three of the best Pac-10 teams) as to HOW we've lost each of these games. At least in the early Tedford losses you'd get a fight all the way. In every defeat, the Bears have gone down, and they've gone down quietly. I know there's been a lot of hating on the players for not playing up to snuff, but the coaches have to answer for performances like this. The players being busts is an asinine excuse--the coaches do recruit these guys too, so that falls on them. Good coaches should be able to adjust, motivate, and get these guys developed enough and ready to execute. They haven't, and it's time for them to own up going into the bowl game and next season.

On the bright side, Cal fans got what they wanted--you don't have to worry about El Paso anymore. Poinsettia Bowl is almost certainly our destination now. I hate all of you.

This thread is to discuss Cal-UDub and the remaining college football action tonight (second halves of the Big 12/ACC title games, USF-UConn, Wisconsin-Hawaii). With Cal-Iowa State hoops coming in about an hour or so, official postgame recap coming tomorrow morning--it's too crowded today to really get anything in.

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