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Golden Nuggets: 20 Questions

Jerome Randle is Farudo's most recent guest for his 20-questions feature.

Your five-man Dream Team, including yourself in the lineup: Me at point guard. I’ll pick Kobe (Bryant) at the 2. I’ll take LeBron (James) at the 3 . . . No, M.J. (Michael Jordan) at the 2, LeBron, me, I’ll pick Wilt Chamberlain at the 5 and Kevin Garnett.

Age when you first dunked: I actually have dunked. I dunked my sophomore year in high school. There was this guy called Jumping Jack from Chicago. He was about an inch shorter than me, and he jumps out of the gym. He showed me where he jumps from, how to extend my hands and stuff. He threw the ball up and I dunked it in. I’ve never dunked (in a game at Cal).

Besides Cal, the Pac-10 school with the best basketball fans: I love Washington’s fans. They’re really live.

The worst: Oregon State . . . they’re horrible.

The sport you refuse to watch: Hockey. That’s like boring. Omigod, it’s just horrible.

Best advice you ever got: It was from my cousin, who passed. He told me I could do anything I put my mind to. He was real hard on me as a kid. He told me that when we were walking 10 blocks to go to the park, and he made me shovel (snow off) the whole court so we could play. It was like 10 degrees and I remember just crying. My hand was frost-bit and he was like, `You can do anything you put your mind to.’ I’ll always remember that.

Favorite meal your mother cooks: Red beans and rice with cornbread, chicken and sweet potatoes.

Food you will not eat: I hate chitlins. My family eats chitlins. I think it’s like pig guts . . . a lot of people like that. I remember waking up as a kid and my Grandma would be cooking it late at night. I would smell it . . . ugh, it was horrible.

After the jump we have a hoops-centric series of stories, featuring info on the upcoming live-chat with Randle, the all-decade Cal basketball team, and women's hoops' win over Nevada.  No Golden Nuggets tomorrow, but we'll be back Sunday with a recap of Cal's first day of conference action.  Have a good New Year! Go Ducks! Bring home some respect to our miserable conference!

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