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Bowl Game Blowout! Open Thread for 12/28/09

Advocare V100 Independence Bowl

Independence Bowl Design 1
Texas A&M Aggies (6-6) vs. Georgia Bulldogs (7-5)
12/28/09 at 5:00 PM EST
Shreveport, Louisiana

Initial Thoughts: Good idea starting the game before Monday Night Football.  Also before tonight's special edition of Raw hosted by Timbaland. Also notable: the Independence Bowl website looks like it was put together by a seventh grader.
Most Awesome Player: Let's give this one to Jerrod Johnson, who delivered the College Fantasy Football Championship to Rags (along with that heathen Toby Gerhart). 267/439 for 3,217 yards, 28 touchdowns and six interceptions; 131 rushing attempts for 455 yards and eight touchdowns running.
Most Awesome Sponsor: Andy Pleasant Bail Bonds.

Shreveport, LA - Bail Bonds - Andy Pleasant Bail Bonds
Not quite Bad Boys Bail Bonds (because your momma wants you home!), but what is?
The Line: Georgia by 6.5
Accuscore says: Georgia 35.1, Texas A&M 26.8
ESPN says: Georgia 34, Texas A&M 28
Who you should be rooting for: The Chicago Bears!  So the Eagles have a shot at the #2 seed in the NFC playoffs.