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Bowl Game Blowout! First Quarter Open Thread for the Poinsettia Bowl

The San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl

Poinsettia Bowl

California Golden Bears (8-4) vs. Utah Utes (9-3)
12/23/09 at 8:00 PM
San Diego, California

Initial Thoughts: Should I watch this or go to Nets/Timberwolves? I mean, I know it's a bowl game...but the Nets might not win for the rest of the season.
Most Awesome Player: Jahvid Best isn't playing, so...Syd'Quan Thompson? Mike Mohamed? Mike Tepper?!?
Most Awesome Sponsor: Picnic People San Diego!

picnic ideas

The Line: California by 3.5.
Accuscore says: California 27.7, Utah 26.6
ESPN says: Utah 23, California 17
Who you should be rooting for: If you need to ask, you're in the wrong place.