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Fantasy Week in Review - Week 13


Nov. 29, 2009

Rag's Doombringers won the California Golden Blogs Championship by a score of 164 to 128 over Yellow Fever.Toby Gerhart led the team in scoring in the championship round and he also led the team in scoring for the season. Congrats once again to Rag's Doombringers on a terrific College Fantasy Football Season. Hope to see you all next year!


So close, yet so far.  But really, I knew I had no chance once I saw Jerrod Johnson's stat line.  Watching Jonathan Dwyer and Josh Nesbitt get stuffed repeatedly by the Georgia defense didn't help a whole lot either, especially considering that Tonka Toby was running Charlie Weis right out of South Bend at the same time with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.

But it's ok, it's not like I paid for season tickets to watch my favorite basketball team set a NBA record for consecutive losses to start the season or anything.

Oh wait.  FML.


League 12

1t. rickysanchez - 145
1t. class of 87 - 145
3. Montezuma's Revenge - 140
4t. goshatgo - 138
4t. Clean Cut Media - 138
6t. Josh in Portland - 137
6t. AussieBrian - 137
6t. runk runk runk - 137
9t. vanman1013 - 136
9t. tmoran3020's picks suck - 136

Certainly looks like either rickysanchez or class of 87 are going to be the ones to pull this out, as there are only nine games to pick this week.


  • This week's winners?  Thoroughbred's Winners and LEastCoastBears, who both had 11 correct picks for the week.  Both misfired on Pittsburgh (even) against West Virginia, North Carolina -6 against N.C. State, LSU -3.5 to Arkansas, and UCLA +13 against USC.  I don't even know what to say about that last one.
  • Only eight people correctly picked Illinois +21 against Cincinnati, ten picked West Virginia straight up against Pittsburgh, five picked N.C. State +6 against North Carolina, seven picked Mississippi State +8 against Mississippi.
  • A disturbing number of people picked UCLA.  Truly disturbing.
  • And this was cut out of the above picture for the college fantasy football league, but I had both Jacquizz Rodgers and Jeremiah Masoli on a bye last week.  A bye!  My two best guys!  This coming on the heels of almost losing last year's championship to HydroTech because Javon Ringer had a bye.  I need to look at these schedules next year.
Rags, please let us hear your victory speech.  Congratulations!