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Golden Nuggets: Best is Heading to Pittsburgh for Evaluation

First off, congratulations to Hana Cutura for being named the Pac-10 women's volleyball player of the year!

Second, put your CGB tax dollars to work and vote in royrules22's top-25 poll.

As usual, today was the Tuesday Press Luncheon.  Tedford talks about Best, Vereen's role as starter, preparation for Washington, bowl games, and recruiting.  Riley mostly talks about preparing for Washington, but he also answers questions about Vereen and recent improvement of the O-line.  Riley seems to have plenty of motivation this week, as he remembers leaving Washington in 2007 with "a terrible feeling after that game. So we're going to have to get pumped up for this game, for sure. Because that wasn't Cal football. It was kind of embarrassing."

Here's what Tedford had to say about Best's current condition.

On whether he has any updates on Jahvid Best's status (concussion, back) 

"No, no update at all. Jahvid did go back today to get evaluated in Pittsburgh [Pa.] and he'll be back tomorrow. He seems to be doing very well but we have not discussed at all a return."

On whether he will play against Washington
"He won't play this week."

On any specific types of evaluations Best is undergoing
"I don't know what they're doing. I do know that the expert in that field that a lot of people rely on is back there, so that's why he went there. But his head's been doing fine. His thing now is he's got a sore back, that's the main thing. He hasn't had any symptoms with headaches or anything like that for a couple weeks now. The back has been what's bothering him."

On whether this expert in Pittsburgh is seeing Best for his back injury or concussion
"It's still just making sure that the head is 100 percent completely clear, and we've given it a lot of time. It's something that we said after that happened, that we'd by no means take any risk or anything like that with him. He's back there just getting evaluated to make sure that everything's okay." 

After the jump we look at how the bye week helped football, some basketball articles mostly focusing on Max Zhang, bball injury updates, and more.

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