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Golden Nuggets: SB, Birgeneau, and Bostrom Respond to Faculty In Defense of Athletics

After a small group of faculty passed a non-binding resolution against the institutional funding for athletics, Chancellors Birgeneau and Bostrom and AD Sandy Barbour made formal responses.

"Although it is advisory, we will, of course, take very seriously the Academic Senate's recommendation and will consider the most effective way to move forward," Chancellor Robert Birgeneau said. "We are very concerned about this year's shortfall and are already working on containing Athletics deficits. We share the Academic Senate's goal of achieving a self-supporting athletics program, although that will take time to realize. We must maintain our commitment to gender equity and equal competitive opportunity for our female student athletes, both as a matter of law and to honor our campus commitment to equity and inclusion. I believe that a strong athletics program brings many benefits to the entire university. I am very proud of all our student-athletes, both men and women, and the enormous contributions which they make to the life of the campus."

The non-binding resolution also recommends that the Academic Senate establish a Senate Intercollegiate Athletics Oversight Committee composed solely of faculty members. The final tally was 91-68 of those in attendance out of more than 1,500 faculty on campus who are voting members of the senate.

"Although the resolution was supported by those who attended this meeting, I know that Athletics and its student-athletes enjoy wide support among the faculty as a whole," Director of Athletics Sandy Barbour said. "We remain committed to working with the faculty, and I look forward to constructive conversations about appropriate and sustainable financial support for Cal Athletics."
In an open letter to the Cal community, Barbour and Vice Chancellor Nathan Brostrom wrote that "whether it's the shared thrill of the Big Game; the pride we take and the recognition we receive when our student-athletes come home with national championships and Olympic medals; the diversity of origin and interests that our student-athletes bring to the campus; or the importance of athletics for so many of the University's 400,000 living alumni, it is clear to us that Cal Athletics must remain an indivisible part of who we are as a University and a community."

After the jump, I have articles on the importance of this weekend's game for both Cal and OSU, several articles on Riley and the last time OSU came to town, a look at OSU's passing options out of WildBeaver, quotes from Monty after bball's win last night, and more.

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