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Golden Nuggets: "Hey everybody, I'm on TV!"

Yesterday was the weekly media luncheon.  Riley had some words about the last time OSU came into town:

On what he learned from his first career start, which came against Oregon State in 2007 and ended with him tackled while running the ball on the OSU 10-yard line and not enough time to get the field goal unit onto the field

"Big mistake, that's all there is to it. New situation, but when the play developed, I just kind of forgot about trying to move up in the pocket and make a play. It just didn't work out. If it was now in that situation I just would have thrown the ball out of bounds right away, in the pocket. It's just something you learn from, and I've learned from it and gotten better."

On whether it was tough to wait for his next opportunity following that 2007 loss vs. OSU
"It was tough. They were doing a great job up 'till then, and I think it was harder more when we started losing games, just watching that. It was definitely tough because we started a losing streak and that was the first game we lost and went from there."

On whether there is extra motivation facing Oregon State
"Haven't beat them when I've played, so I'd like to beat them, that's for sure. Both years we've had chances to beat them and we haven't, and we've just got to win."

On how much he has heard about the 2007 game against Oregon State since that difficult ending
"It was a big highlight on ESPN ... After a while, I was cool with it. You'd see it on TV like a week after, and I remember everyone was staring and not saying anything, and I go, `Hey everybody, I'm on TV!' You've got to try and lighten up the mood a little bit. It was a mistake but you've got to learn from it. You can't dwell on it. I think 20 No. 2 teams lost that year, every week. I went to the bowl game and they showed it like five times there, too ... It's all part of the deal."

After the jump we have some Tedford quotes from the media luncheon, injury updates for Cal and OSU, a look at Jacquizz Rodgers' ridiculous inability to fumble, OSU's media luncheon, women's bball's debut, and much more.

Here's a sample of what Tedford said yesterday:

On whether stopping the Beavers' kick return game [featuring James Rodgers, who ran a kick back for a TD in last year's annual Alamar Special] is an emphasis in practice this week

"Always. Always."

On why kick return coverage has been a problem at times this year
"There's different reasons. Sometimes it's where the kick is, sometimes it's getting out of our lanes, getting blocked, not getting off blocks. It's not just one thing. We just need to improve. Kick the ball where we need to kick it. It's not an effort issue, I don't think. It's just a matter of improving and recognizing where the return's going and then defeating the return."

On whether he is concerned about any lull that could allow an opponent back into the game after building a lead, such as when ASU came back last Saturday during the second quarter after Cal led 14-0
"I don't know that that's a lull. We fumbled the ball inside the 5-yard line. Anytime you do that, that's problems. And then they did a play-action, hit a nice big ball for a touchdown and it's a one-play deal. I don't know that you'd say that's a lull. You give them ball inside the 5[-yard line] with a turnover, it's bound to result in some points, and then they make a big play, but besides that, I don't know that you'd characterize that as a lull." 


Cal Football

  • JO also has some quotes from various players from yesterday's luncheon.  Brett Johnson talks about what it takes to contain the Rodgers brothers.  Cattouse is excited to be a starter and is embracing his role as a vocal leader for the team.  Lagemann talks about how he enjoys crossing routes and any other route that gets him in the middle of the field.
  • JO has practice updates.  After missing practice Tuesday, Hill and Summers-Gavin are questionable for Saturday.  Lagemann may earn more playing time, depending on the gameplan for OSU.  Lastly, Tedford/Alamar considered bringing on D'Amato for the final kick at ASU, but ultimately went with Tavecchio.
  • After a game full of penalties, turnovers, and missed field goals, Cal remains grounded by its need for improvement.  Lagemann is happy to be contributing to the team again, particularly after the mental roller-coaster that followed his broken foot in Spring 2007.
  • Best checks in at 4th in Wilner's list of top-10 Pac-10 tailbacks.  Though Wilner calls him the top-talent and the top pro prospect in the Pac-10, he says Best's impact has been minimal in several games so far.
  • Jahvid Best is one of three Pac-10 players who are Maxwell Award semifinalists. The Maxwell Award goes to the nation's best player.
  • GazetteTimes has an article comparing stats of Best and Quizz.
  • Oregon State injury updates: O-lineman Timi Oshinowo has returned to practice after missing the whole season up to this point.  Cornerback Tim Clark is still sitting out practice after sustaining a concussion against UCLA.  His loss will be noticeable this weekend.
  • Jacquizz Rodgers is still not fumbling. He has touched the ball 510 times in his career and not fumbled it once.  The OSU D will have to play tight gap-control because they admit no one on their defense can catch Best if he breaks free.
  • Several OSU players (as well as Mike Riley) spoke at OSU's recent press conference.  Quizz is looking forward to the head-to-head competition with Best.  He also talks about OSU's WildBeaver plays...he tossed a TD from that formation against UCLA.
  • Sean Canfield ought to be a big test for our defense.  He is third in the nation with a completion percentage of 68.9 and leads the Pac-10 with 254.9 yards per game.

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