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CGB Report Card: Grading Cal's Performance Against Arizona State

Position QB RB Rec. Run B Pass P Run D Pass R Pass D ST Coach Overall
Score 3.520 2.697 3.081 1.470 2.354 2.889 1.970 2.424 2.225 2.828 2.838
Grade A- B- B D+ C+ B C C+ C+ B- B


Thanks to the 34 people who submitted grades this week, and again thanks to Twist for gathering these.

goldblooded, perfectstrat, MadBum, slaphancock, USAFGoldenBear, GoldenBear 77, JrBear, coolingfan, BTown85, TKE Prytanis 79, BatmanSF, minesweeper, rocksanddirt, CaliforniaCMB, Jake, totallyawesome, jsnell,
Kodiak, California Pete, Berkelium97, BeastMode, yorzepol, beson, bluehenbear, Ohio Bear, oldBear, CALumbus Bear, solarise, HOUSE66, omnizzle, rurata, GBB4188, ikoolykedat, Prd74

Your gameday experience winner goes to inebriated goldblooded, who got bonus points for writing this post drunk.

i drNK LIKE 7 beers in 100 mnutes plus a shotgun fter we won i am heppy also alex gots beers for us hen they were empty and chrius is doing homeworjk and i am pissing him off, ps geeeeeogeeo kicked a fild for ONCE wow

Quarterback--kevin riley for the seahg geneiss is the best quarter back ever/

Running backs--kahvi sstill rules, and shane is tight cause he didnt throw an inT

Receivers--ummm mrvin made me cry once but then he won the game so i hd a beer

Run blocking--i hope that we got bettercause hahivid needs to run feree as a birrd now

Pass protection--jebin riley threwew a shovel pass like tim jesus and he was good, even thoguh the other guys culdnt really helpo him and he got sacked a few trims

Run defense--
that fat guy 26 i hate him a lot i think that mikey mo needs to be better

Pass rush--it was ok, especailly on the last play where we broke the ASU quartererbacks arm haha two penakties

Pass defense--
syd uan is so good at everything syd quan, sometiems si se him on the glkf cart, i think i wqill give him a ug nect time i see him he is so good

Special teams--gireeeegeeeo kicked q filed goal over 50 years sthen another one and won it was cool

Coaching--well jeffy bear didnt lose dso he is still kinda tight and alomar was a poop

Overall--we require more vespene beer

The lesson as always? Alcohol is a beautiful thing.

Here's the best of the gameday experiences:

coolingfan - Nothing much, just watched the game at home in my "graduate student" costume.

- I missed a couple of minutes of the first quarter -- shopping with my wife.  After being gone three days this week on a business trip, didn't think I could just blow it off.  She is gone to see her sister next week, so you know where I will be at 4 at when the Oregon State game starts.

- Picked up some KFC and b/c of some unfortunate circumstances (Bay Bridge being closed, GF doing halloween-related errands, friends out of town) I plopped down on my couch to watch the game by myself. Lurched back during Ross's dropped pass and hit my head on the wall.  I was shaken up but the wall was ok.

- In Hawaii watching in a sports bar with an incredibly drunk and obnoxious bunch of UF fans.  They have some pretty lame cheers BTW.  As Cal kept making me more and more nervous, those Gator fans kept getting louder and more obnoxious. Fortunately, Riley drove us drown the field and Taveccio redeemed himself and then those Gator fans weren't as annoying (don't get me wrong, they were stil annoying, just not as much.)  BTW be very afraid of the Loco Mocos at Giovanni Pastrami's (you Hawaiians know what I mean; they are ginormous!)

rocksndirt - guy in the bar i watched the second half at had a little radio and was listening to starkey....the feed for that was a bit a head of the ABC feed.  That and Norrie's kill'n me.

House66 - Sitting down, standing up,Sitting down, standing up,Sitting down, standing up,Sitting down, standing up,Sitting down, standing up,Sitting down, standing up,Sitting down, standing up,Sitting down, standing up,Sitting down, standing up,Sitting down, standing up,Sitting down, standing up,Sitting down, standing up,Sitting down, standing up,Sitting down, standing up, and almost throwing up at the end of the game.

JRBear - Watched the game on ESPN 360. Then I went to Chipotle on Telegraph with a Zack Follett jersey and a tin foil hat with a spike on my head for a free burrito. My costume was "The Space Rhinoceros."

OhioBear - I watched this bad boy on espn360.  Unfortunately, I was late getting logged on and missed the first 3 plays of the game.  In my zeal to hurry to get the game on, I totes forgot to open a separate window for the first quarter thread on CGB.  I was so engrossed in our fine start, that I didn't think about joining the in-game threads until late in the 1st quarter when we were up 14-0.  After I opened a window for the threads (and even posted a couple of comments), bad stuff piled up one by one: the Riley fumble at the 3, the ensuing TD, the missed Tavecchio FG, the brutal 80-yard TD pass.  So I decided my logging into the in game threads was a reason that we had lost control of the game.  So I left CGB and didn't come back until the post game thread, after we'd won.  Clearly, I was instrumental in the victory.  

BTown85 - Tape-delay viewing of Cal game with a beer.  Riley fumbles three times in the first quarter......more beer.  Vereen tries to give the game to ASU with 24 seconds left......bourbon !!!!!  Line-up for game-winning field goal - knock at the door.  Pause DVR to greet guests for Halloween Party.  Back to the TV with a beer.  21 seconds of hell after the Field Goal; Party Begins.

minesweeper - My gameday experience began Friday night with some early Halloween partying.  To make a long story short, lots of Indian food for lunch followed by an open bar at night does a number on one's stomach.  After leaving most of its contents on the streets of San Francisco, my companion (who's smaller than me but can somehow handle much more liquor) helped me stumble home where I promptly passed out.

The main benefit of evacuating ones stomach before passing out is no hangover Saturday morning, and I was up early enough to take in a full 10 hours of college football.

TKE Pryantis 79 - Watched it in a sports bar in Fort Worth TX, with no audio, joined by my wife and colleagues from Scotland and New Zealand, so was put in the interesting role of explaining the rules, strategy and meaning of American College Football...not sure  how I did, but the Bears effing won so that's all I cared about

CALumbusBear - I watched it on lo-def.  BOOO Time Warner Cable.  Why the F did I pay 160 bucks for ESPN Game Plan (aka fleece plan) to watch shit in lo-def?  Because I HAD NO CHOICE.  Lo-def sux donkeys f'realz

Kodiak - Mother in law came over to babysit, so I got to go fishing for the first time in months.  After nailing some nice smallmouth, spotted bass, largemouth, and one really mean trout, I zipped home in time to take the 3 year-old trick or treating for the first time.  With the kid safely geeked on sugar, I passed her off to grandma, got the wife to bring me my big mug 'o beer, and watched the game on dvr.  Managed not to stroke out while watching it...but holy crap, it's tough being a Cal fan, sometimes.

Golden Rationality Award

Postponed for a week. Data is all screwed up. I'll try and figure out and have the actual answers in next week's report card. So I declare you all winners!

Old Blue Award

Commenter/alias name Average score (out of 4)
prd74 1.939
ikoolykedat 2.000
GBB4188 2.030
rurata 2.091
omnizzle 2.152








Man, the guy who took photos last week seemed the most distressed about our team, and now it's our video guy. Is it going to be danzig next week? NOOOOOOOOOO...

Golden Sunglasses Award

Commenter/alias name Average score (out of 4)
perfectstrat 3.182
MadBum 3.121
slaphancock 3.030
USAFGoldenBear 3.000
GoldenBear 77 2.939









GBB4188 - Some great deep balls once again from Riley.  However, he once again through some funky thing into the flat while he was rolling out of the pocket which was fortunately not a pick 6.  Combine that with 3 fumbles and you get, despite the nice passes, a pretty sloppy overall game.

That beard is what champions are made of, though.

bluehenbear - Well, Riley didn't make any mistakes and his mediocre completion percentage is on the WRs to had several drops (Ross and Tucker especially).  Managed the game and got us in position for the winning FG.  Wanted to give + but just couldn't do it with the fumbles.

Jake - When he's good, he looks like Aaron Rodgers, and makes the crowd hold their breath.  When he's bad, he looks like Nate Longshore, and makes the crowd hold their breath for reasons.  He looked good today, but the offense went nowhere for 2 1/2 quarters.  Also: seriously, dude, three fumbles in the first half?

Only reason it's a B is that he came alive that last drive.

jsnell - Riley played pretty well, other than a couple of bad decisions and the fumbling. But really, that last drive... pretty much erases the rest of it, doesn't it?

Running back

ikoolydekat - Both RBs were contained today, but I believe most of the blame should be placed on the OL.

Berkelium97 - There wasn't much they could have done with the lack of holes being opened up.   The wildcat wasn't too bad against the stout ASU D (especially that Vereen run called back due to penalty).

totallyawesome - Meow! Moar Wildcat pleez!

No, but seriously, aside from some great catches, our running back couldn't do much against this ASU run defense. Thankfully, the ASU D Coordinator dared us to beat him thru the air and we did (mostly).

yorzepol - Javid had an ineffective running game. Shane was not much better.  I saw Jahvid completely whiff on a block and then come back to prevent the sack.  The problem was by that time Riley was so out of position he had to throw it away.  Then I saw him make some great blocks.  Blocking continues to be a problem for him.  Maybe if he stayed another year he could work on it? Anybody?

MadBum - Vereen never had a shot. Wasn't given the ball enough, only seeing one rushing attempt. This is unacceptable, as against UCLA he was key in freeing up Best for his big plays. Best did okay with what he had. I'm not thrilled with 3 yards per carry, but Mr. Best came up big in the passing game as well. This linebacking corp is tops in the Pac-10, and Best did what he could. His average relies mainly on big plays, and he didn't get one. ASU refused to let Best beat them, and he freed up Riley.

BatmanSF - I thought the backs played well, given the limited holes available.  Jahvid actually showed more toughness and grit and willingness to grind out tough yards than he has earlier.  Shane Vereen is just a QUALITY player, all the way around...OK, maybe he can work on his passing!  And, BTW, a very nice Brian Holley contribution!

BTown85- Uninspiring at running the ball.  Best and Holley catching passes were awesome; let's do more of that.  I KNEW Vereen was going to throw the ball at the goal line 'cause he came up there in the WildBear and I thought "Everyone KNOWS you're running....wait, unless THIS is the first time you EVER decide to pass it....against the MAN-CHILD who is Burfict!!!!"  I put the call on the coaches ($%##$) and the crap pass on Vereen, who should have tucked the ball and taken a knee and 18 more seconds off the clock.  ANOTHER thing the coaches should have prepped him for!!!!!


GoldenBear77 - Verran, you made a great catch on the low throw on the final drive, but you owed Riley one.  The one you dropped down the sideline hit you in a bad place -- your hands -- and that had six written all over it.  Ross, you can't drop the screen when it is third down.  We appear to be feast or famine here.  Thankfully, there was enough to eat at this banquet.

Berkelium97 - Drops, drops, drops, drops, drops (mostly from Tucker and Ross).  Everyone was getting chances, though.  Marv made some great catches.  Everyone really stepped up (Marv, Miller, Lage(r)mann, and Tucker) for some huge catches on that final drive.  I can forgive the drops if they're willing to play like that in the clutch.  Miller is really establishing himself as a consistent target.  He made big catches today (just like he did in his lone catch against Miami last year).

bluehenbear - Great first half, lousy second half...another case of the dropsies.  Way to hang in there on the last drive, though.  Wanted to give a B, but but just couldn't do it with the drops.

MadBum - Great job done right here. Mistakes were made, like drops by Ross and Tucker that hurt us. That facemask hurt us as well, and that holding hurt us big by Miller. But Miller made up for that mistake with his catch on the next play, Ross came up with big play after big play, and Tucker had that huge diving catch. Lagermann proved that his studliness on NCAA 09 wasn't just restricted to the video game, and made some catches that we haven't seen in his career. If these guys play the same way they did today minus those mistakes, then we'll be tough to stop.

slaphancock - Two drops nearly cost us the game.  But then they caught everything on the last drive.  Still, those two drops (the over the shoulder td one and the screen pass on third down) were inexcusable.  It looked like both bounced off the receiver's chest protection.  Maybe they should find new pads?

beeson - I think Marvin Jones sweats super glue.  The ball just sticks to him.

Run blocking

ikoolydekat - No hole, no glory, no fun.

GoldenBear77 - Almost a non-issue in the game.  When is the last time you said this at a CAL game?

Berkelium97 - It was mostly non-existent.  Matt Summers-Gavin wasn't playing, but I don't think  he alone would have made a tremendous difference.

yorzepol - The line was dominated today.  Jahvid and Shane had no room to juke.  Fortunately we had a passing game to overcome the terrible blocking, but we might not always.  Or it could be that their run D really is scary good.

CaliforniaPete - It looked like there were some nice holes created in the line, but the Bears had a hard time carrying it through the second level. In other words, a lot of 3 yard gains. Don't know if this was a scheme issue or guys failing to make plays, but it sure would have been nice to established more of a rushing attack after jumping out to a 14-point lead.

Beastmode - What run blocking?  I know teams are stacking the box, but teams do so against Stanfurd and Oregon too.  I know, different schemes, but that just means we need to scheme better, even if we have a young line, so does Oregon by the way.

OhioBear - The most frustrating part of the game, by far, was the inability to open holes for Best.  ASU was all over our running game and our O-line didn't seem to rise up to the occasion.  Credit to ASU, for sure.  But I can't believe we're not better than that.  Fewer than 100 yards rushing?  We're lucky to win a game with that number.

Pass protection

coolingfan - Riley's running ability saved the game -- pass protection was awful, but this was the case pretty much for the whole season so far.

totallyawesome - Pass protection was circumspect, but thankfully, Riley and his happy feet bailed them out on a few plays. They held the line when it mattered, thankfully, especially on that last drive.

yorzepol - I don't remember thinking that they got owned very much.  There were sometimes they allowed too many defenders through but mostly they gave Riley the time he needed.  Oh yeah, except for the two sacks which led to two fumbles from Riley and made it a much closer game than it should have been.  But besides that they didn't get owned much.

MadBum - I was impressed these guys. False starts and holdings derailed some drives but overall very well done. The last 2 drives were executed to perfection, as the only time they got a rush was when Riley took his time. They even held on plays when Riley scrambled around, not holding and letting him keep the play alive. Tepper seems to be a weakspot for us though. He commits too many penalties, but I can't complain too much.

OhioBear - Gave up 3 sacks, and pressure seemed consistently there from the ASU pass rush.  I was holding my breath every time a guy got close to Riley, praying to Oski he wouldn't fumble again.

USAF Golden Bear - This seemed like a two faced o-line.  Sometimes they were giving Riley a perfect pocket, and then other times it seemed like a minimal rush they were just getting straight beat.

solarise - Riley was running for his life like Neve Campbell in Scream 1 through infinity. It'd be nice to see what Riley could really do if he gets protection a la Matt Barkley.

CALumbus Bear - Dear O-line: Let's talk about that sucking thing.  You know, that thing you've been doing a LOT of recently.  Please stop doing it.  Really.  Stop.  Like now.  Holes are your friends. Please open them.  Just push that big fat guy to the side you're supposed to push him.  You've been doing it for years.  Vacation over, get back to F-ing work.

Rush defense

Berkelium97 - The run D was generally good, but they could still move the chains on us (see ASU's last TD drive).  I was surprised ASU's ypc (adjusted for sacks) was only 3.5.  I thought it would have been closer to the mid-4s.

totallyawesome - Very solid. Saw Cattouse get in on a few plays. ASU is much improved running-wise from last year but still couldn't manage much against our defense.

JRBear - Defense is so hard to grade for this game.  It's hard to give them credit for their first two lucky TDs.  I think the Run D did a good job holding back Bass, not so much Marshall.

OhioBear - Statistically, pretty good. But it seemed like Cam Marshall gave ASU a spark in the 2nd half, getting good gains.  I would've graded the run D higher had it not been for ASU's run game awakening in the 4th quarter.  Props to the D, however, for stopping them when we had to in order to get the ball back.

Kodiak - Did a nice job in the 1st half, seemed to wear down in the 2nd.  No question we're more stout with Derrick Hill.  I hope he's back soon.  For the 1st time in...a month(?) we didn't give up a bone-headed long run from someone being woefully out of position.

Pass rush

ikoolydekat - what pass rush?

GoldenBear77 - CAL was stronger as the day progressed, and that was a good thing.  I thought we did not get enough pressure in the first half, but, particularly in the first drive of the second half stepped it up.  However, no one is going to mistake Sullivan for Aaron Rodgers.

Berkelium97 - Sullivan generally had a lot of time to pass.  Alualu was abusing their O-line in the early third quarter, though.  The 4:3 helped get more pressure, but Sullivan still had some time.

totallyawesome - Very pedestrian. Our D-lineman need to get better at shedding blocks and we need to dial up a few more blitz plays. They need enough, however, to force Sullivan into some bad decision making.

Beastmode - No sacks.  Not many TFL.  Teams obviously know to get rid of the ball quickly against Cal, but it isn't just a matter of that.  it's that our guys do not get enough of a push, particularly on the interior.

slaphancock - When we got the QB under pressure, he looked like a normal college QB, not like the hyper-accurate heisman contenders the rest of the QBs we've played have looked like against us.

USAF Golden Bear - This was the most abysmal part of the team, IMO.  Play after play, I saw no pressure being put on Sullivan, who was playing poorly in the 1st half all by himself.  Unless ASU's o-line suddenly became not-horrible in the last couple of days, Cal's pass rushers need to figure what the deal is and fix it.

Kodiak - Sullivan is a statue with happy feet who makes bad decisions when pressured.  Yet, he had enough time to stand there and utilize his scud-arm to some effect.  It's becoming pretty apparent that our 3-4 is more than a little gimped without a legitimate pass-rushing threat from the LB's.

Pass defense

GoldenBear77 - What happened on the 80 yard reception in the first half?  That simply should not happen, the way we play pass defense.  Other than that, OK with two interceptions, one of which led to the half-time lead.

Jake- Syd is a beast.  'Nuff said.  The picks were works of art.

BTown85 - There were some SPECTACULAR plays that often will bring a PI call, but didn't 'cause Cattouse and Thompson played 'em PERFECTLY (no hand on receiver's back, etc.).  We got lucky that we were able to jar the ball loose a couple of times from receivers who should have held on.  Whew.

Totally blown coverage on that deep TD.

solarise - Syd & Josh Hill made some big plays. Cattouse deserved the start. The man produces big hits and provides coverage in the middle. I'd like to see Cattouse w/ even more playing time.

Kodiak - On the one hand, we finally got a couple of ints.  The CB's seemed closer to receivers than previous weeks.  Cattouse is such an obvious upgrade over Ezeff, it makes you wonder what took the coaches so damn long to make that call.  On the other, I can't shake the feeling that the only reason we didn't give up another career day of 300+ passing yards is that Sullivan is really, really bad.

Special Teams

ikoolydekat - NO.

Berkelium97 - Anger quietly had a big day (53.0 average!) Giorgio missed some easy field goals, but also managed to kick a 51(!) yarder and --HOLY CANOLI--kicked the game-winning field goal! Return coverage was serviceable, but I still get nervous every time we kick off.



but also:


Some decent plays (finally a kickoff in the endzone,) but too few to merit a higher grade.  Taveccio would not have had to make the game winning filed goal in the last seconds if he had made either of the other two field goal attempts or better yet, if he had made both.  But at least he redeemed himself. Those kick offs and kick off coverage WILL cost us a game though, mark my words.

BTown85 -We squeaked this out.  Only one kickoff from the 30 got within the five, two makeable FGs missed, Tavecchio jumping OVER a would-be kick-rougher then falling down to ensure he didn't the call......and then squeaking out the last FG.  Dang, I gave up the wrong week to quit doing tequila shots.

Anger was stellar as usual (to the point I'm disappointed if he doesn't get some punts in the 60-70 yard THAT'S not fair), but our kick-off coverage was weak, weak, weak.

CALumbus Bear - Punting was good.  KO coverage was mediocre to very poor.  Salami's FG grades were as follows: F-, then a most shocking A+, then another fat F, then "why the frig are we sending him out there this is a coaching phail just go for it Tedford O MY OSKI HE ACTUALLY MADE IT WHEN WE REALLY NEEDED IT TAVECCHIO FOR THE GROZA AWARD GIVE IT TO HIM NOW!"  So they get a nice + on the end of that medicre C.

Kodiak - Anger punted pretty well.  I don't remember screaming while watching our kickoffs or kick coverage in general.  You can go half-empty/half-full with Tavecchio.  Yeah, he blew a couple of gimmes...But he also nailed on from 51, and had the stones to come through at the end.  It does worry me when Tedford waits until gametime to name a starting kicker...and does it by asking Alamar who looks better in warm-ups.  We're officially flogging the horse's fossilized skeleton at this point, but we need to do better than our current Mickey Mouse approach to special teams.


coolingfan - Didn't get much out of Wildcat formations, but otherwise showed a variety of plays and formations, which we missed early in the season against 'SC and Oregon.

GoldenBear77 - Great confidence in Riley on the final drive.  I am torn on the Vereen wildcat toss into the end zone.  On the one hand, if it had succeeded we would have all thought the coaches incredible.  On the other hand, if it was intercepted, idiots.  Was it a lack of confidence in the kicking game?  In any event, someone once told me "you can't argue with results", and the result is that we are 6-2, and 3-1 on the road.

Berkelium97 - There were a lot of smart play calls today.  From the first play, that took great advantage of ASU biting on the run to the calls on the last drive.  I was really surprised that we threw for the first down so often on that last drive (even on 1st and 25).  Then that WildVereen pass, I loved that call even though Miller barely missed the pass.  They did a great job of moving the ball (on that last drive and others) through the air.  The offense still looked competent without Best or Vereen running for chunks of yardage.  Gregory's unit made a huge mistake, but was otherwise good enough to keep us in the game.  It's too bad we can't find a way to get more pass rush, but our unit just doesn't seem to have the personnel for it.  Alamar lives to see another the narrowest of margins.

CaliforniaPete - From a season-wide perspective, I'm happy. This team has really responded well to the adversity of two brutal losses. And for the second time this year, the Bears have won a game, on the road, in the fourth quarter. That's all good.

I'm a big Bob Gregory fan, and with the exception of the debacle in Eugene, I'm generally  with the defense. As for Tedford/Ludwig's offense, I'm of two minds. For much of the year, this team has been fun to watch, and the Bears have often jumped out early to sizable leads. Such was the case again today. But when the offense stalls, it really struggles to get going again--or at all in the case of the two losses. All of this leads me to question the coaches' in-game adjustments; what's their response when Plan A is no longer working. Given today's performance, I wonder if we'll see some no-huddle series in the future, even when the clock isn't an issue. The change of tempo really appeared to help.

MadBum - This is where I question. That throw with Vereen on 2nd down and goal was completely unneccesary; he hasn't thrown a pass all year, is inaccurate, and there isn't alot of room for him to work with. Also, ASU knows Vereen is the back in the WildBear that throws. Didn't like some defensive calls, but can't think of specific ones. JAHVID BEST IS OUR BEST PLAYER. GIVE HIM THE BALL. VEREEN IS ALSO GOOD TOO. Both still need touches. Best could use 20 carries, but I guess I'm okay with that. Vereen really needs the ball more. He completely opens the offense up for Best and Riley. Without him, our rushing game is completely onedimensional and ASU keyed completely on Best.

JrBear - I like the WildVereen pass. Were you expecting that? I bet you weren't. 
Overall, alright.  Coaches aren't responsible for momentum changes, and that's what happened in the 2nd quarter. 

jsnell - I wonder if they called for that halfback pass at the end of the game just to make people stop talking about how conservative the play-calling is, and instead let us talk about how reckless the play-calling is.

USAF Golden Bear - Whatever Tedford and Ludwig have done with Riley, its amazing.  Keep it up.  Gregory on the other hand, needs to get this D on track, and not make inept offenses look servicible.  OSU is going to pile up huge numbers if this continues, and I'm not sure Cal's offense will be able to keep up.

solarise - I liked Ludwig's playcalling in the 1st.  Aggressive & revealed some plays I haven't seen before. Some adjustments were made in the 2nd half to give Riley more protection. I thought the coaches showed a lot of faith in the players, especially for giving Vereen the freedom to pass out of that Wildbear at such a critical junction of the game.

Cut down those penalties.

Kodiak - 1)  I still hate our special teams.
2)  I'm skeptical of our defensive playcalling...but at least appreciate that we seem to be trying different schemes and players to get better.
3)  I like the diversity and innovation displayed on offense.  I hope there's some continuity.  I get the feeling that the execution and range of plays will only get better as the players become more comfortable.


rurata - An ugly game overall, but we won on the road, and are bowl eligible now.  Hooray for that.

Berkelium97 - Too many penalties, too many dropped passes, inadequate holes for the running game, but--Bak Bak Almighty--that last drive was incredible.  I am as confident in  Riley as I have ever been.  He puts the ball where it needs to be (just outside of where the defense can get it) and can make huge plays when necessary.  I am now confident--and more importantly, so is the team after today--that this team can run the table.  It won't be easy, but they can do it.

totallyawesome - This was an emotional rollercoaster, to be sure. A very sloppy performance by both teams (penalty-o-rama). But I like how our team kept their heads in the game, overcame some huge letdowns and managed to escape with a win. Riley's last drive will definitely go in some kind of highlight reel from Danzig. Also, great to see Tavecchio make the game winner. He should have made at least one of the other two field goals, but he's our FG kicker and hopefully will learn and get better from this experience.

yorzepol - Let's face it, we were lucky to come out of there with a win.  The worst thing is that IT SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN THAT CLOSE!  I couldn't believe all the lost opportunities I saw.  We need to execute better.  Still, we didn't play well and still won against what I think is a decent ASU team so that's got to mean something right?  (Right?)  If we keep playing like this we will be unlucky sometime and lose a game we really should have won.  I hope this doesn't happen and we finish 10-2 but only time will tell.

rocksndirt - Just win, baby.

Beastmode - A road win is great no matter how it happens.  First win in Arizona since 2004.  And, makes Tedford 6-1 against ASU.  This win also makes Cal bowl eligible and sets us up for the opportunity at a very good season.  That said, the weak running game is troublesome and the passing defense only got slightly better.  Both better improve with OSU, Arizona, and Stanfurd in consecutive weeks.

BatmanSF - The team had not been in a close game all season.  Therefore, I can't be too disappointed that they rallied when necessary to pull it out.  I still have the nagging feeling that coaching is holding this team back as much as anything, but I admit I don't have the answers....its a bit of an odd season, so far, isn't it?

OhioBear - There is no such thing as a bad win, especially on the road against a team that is far from terrible.  This is the type of game we would have lost during the Holmoe, Mariucci, and Gilbertson years.  Hell, we hadn't won a game on a last minute win or lose FG since Coach Snyder's Citrus Bowl season in 1991 (if memory serves).  So we should characterize this one as "good" for grading purposes.  But we need to play better.  Much better.

minesweeper - Generally an ugly game with lots of penalties, turnovers, and missed FGs, but not every game's going to be pretty, and to win an ugly one is almost more satisfying than a scrimmage win against the likes of EWU or WSU.  Riley, Tavecchio, and the rest of the team showed a lot of guts and maturity regrouping after some early miscues and pulling out the victory.

Earlier in the season, when our expectations were much higher, I'd be focusing on everything the team didn't do right in this game.  Now that our expectations are more modest, we can focus on what went right, and after all a win is a win is a win, and I'll take 'em any way we can get 'em.

And hey, we have the same record, overall and in conference, as USC now? Say what???

Kodiak - I'm sure there are plenty of fans screaming about how bad we are.  Geez.  Shut up already.  We're Cal fans.  Our teams are supposed to give us coronaries every now and then.  This is the winnable/favored game that we blow every year...but somehow didn't.  I'm happy with the resolve that the team, and in particular, that Riley showed.  The ball doesn't always bounce your way, but good teams find a way.  We're not a great team, but we're learning to be good.  I also absolutely loved the call to pass out of the Wildbear at the end of the game.  That's the call Tedford makes in his first year when he was bold, dynamic, and played to win.  There's been too much of playing not-to-lose, and playing scared the last few years.  As a program, we need to get that mean, hungry, no-nonsense-I'm-going-to-beat-

you-down-and-step-on-your-throat edge back.