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Golden Nuggets: Marshawn Jr.

UpdateShane Vereen will appear on "Game Day" on CBS 5 tonight at 11:35.  If any of you watch this, the rest of us would really appreciate it if you could let us know how it went, what he said, etc.

Today we look at the return of Dasarte Yarnway, heir apparent to Marshawn Lynch.

Yarnway, who was rated the third-best running back in California by coming out of Sacred Heart Cathedral High in San Francisco, had high expectations for the 2009 season before he suffered a torn ligament in his right big toe in mid-August. Instead of risking further damage, he elected to have surgery and was redshirted.

Tedford said Yarnway looked fine in Wednesday's scrimmage with other scout team players, carrying the ball five or six times. Yarnway also practiced in noncontact drills Tuesday.

"It was a good reminder of how it feels," Yarnway said. "After you go through a struggle, it's kind of hard to foresee the future. But at the same time, when you do things like this — get back in the groove with your teammates on the field and in the weight room — it reminds you that you can get up off the ground, have perseverance and make it through."

Yarnway began to work out roughly three weeks ago and felt some discomfort. But he said the most difficult part of the process was staying patient, going through rehabilitation and watching his teammates playwithout being able to contribute.

Yarnway already has next year's season-opener against UC Davis on Sept. 4 circled on the calendar, and he hopes to be stronger — mentally and physically — than before.

"Now it's all about confidence and continuing to master the playbook," Yarnway said. "I think the future is going to be very bright."

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