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Thanksgiving Day Filler Post Slash Open Thread

Each year, we celebrate Thanksgiving in the only way we know how.  FILLER POST!!!!!!!!!!  And this year is no different.  Since the dawn of America itself, people have been thankful for Thanksgiving, because it meant they didn't have to do work on that day.  And we're no different.  So, no in depth analyses of football games.  No complicated essays on what it means to boo Tiger Woods.  Just classic, old fashioned time wasting filler. The way The Pilgrims, our Founding Fathers, and an amalgam of a variety of religious figures I like to call MohJesesanesh would want it.

So, let's see, what am I thankful about slash ready to fill time with?

Well, the first thing I am thankful about is Chicken.  I love Chicken.  Chicken is, by far, my favorite bird-related meat.  Which is why Thanksgiving is slightly frustrating to me, because I feel that turkey overshadows Chicken this day.  And I don't want ANYTHING to overshadow my beloved Chicken.  People say "Twist, it's OK, it's just one day, the other 364 days out of the year, everybody knows that Chicken is the better bird."  I don't care, I don't care.  I'm such a hardcore Chicken enthusiast that I want Chicken to be he most beloved bird on ALL 365 days of the year.

The second thing I am thankful for is my strong sense of smugness regarding certain decisions made by Coach Tedford.  Even though he's guided this team through some toads redick difficulties to a stunning 8-3 record including one of the greatest Big Game victories of all time, I know that if *I* were coaching, we'd be undefeated.  And nobody would have scored a point against us.  Ever. 

Finally, I am thankful for the community of the CaliforniaGoldenBlogs.  You guys make it all worth it.  There is so much intelligence here, so much hilarity, so much organic creation.  Organic creation is the most important thing to me.  The bottom line.  Whether its something that makes you think or something that makes you laugh, the community just provides so much and I know I (and the rest of the CGB Cru) are so incredibly thankful.  This is our 3rd year anniversary of writing this site and we look forward to another 3 great years!  And then a few mediocre ones after that.  And like 1 really crappy year.  Then, a rebirth!  Then, we just coast for like 4 more years after that on our laurels.  IT'LL BE FUN!

So, list the things you are thankful for.  You guys don't even have to list the strong sense of smugness regarding certain decisions made by Coach Tedford one.  I know after reading all of the comments here on this site, that that one is just assumed.  GO BEARS!  And happy Thanksgiving!

After the jump, in case you get bored with your family, Avi has a list of things on TV to peruse, including Aaron Rodgers making his Turkey Day debut!

9:30 AM PST/12:30 PM EST: Packers at Lions, FOX

From Michael Silver's column:

"Don’t even think like that. Teddy will get those boys ready."
– Text Thursday afternoon from Aaron Rodgers, assuaging my fears of a potential Big Game defeat

Two things:

1) Why on Earth haven't we started calling him Teddy before this?

2) Quotes like these make me a Packers fan the rest of the season. As you should be too.

BONUS: Hopefully we see Follett in action too! Here's a Pain Train interview with MLive.

"Q: Any nicknames?

A: I had Zack Attack and Pain Train in high school. Then, Pain Train and Z-Man in college. I get called Crazy Zack here. Special teams coach (Stan Kwan) gave me that one."

1:15 PM PST/4:15 PM EST: Raiders at Cowboys, CBS

Rated-R Superstar probably believes Oakland can win this one. He's such a cute kid. Hopefully Romo will at least throw a few picks to Asomugha and we'll all be happy.


Texas at Texas A&M, ESPN--The Aggies have ruined the Longhorns BCS dreams before. Especially in that alternate universe that is College Station.

Magic at Hawks, TNT--Can Ryan Anderson lead the Magic shoot some 3s to help Orlando to first place in the Southeast Division?

7:30 PM PST/10:30 PM EST

UCLA vs Portland in Anaheim, ESPN2--Portland's already beaten one Pac-10 team. Can they get another upset bid brewing in the 76 Classic?

Miscellaneous events

  • Lots of college basketball on ESPN2, including the Old Spice Classic from Orlando.
  • Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade--Someone pop that damned Sponge Bob balloon already.
  • Westminster Dog Show, NBC--BEST IN SHOW BITCHES! And I mean that literally.
  • Mythbusters marathon, Discovery Channel--I'll probably end up spending most of my day here. Blowing shit up>>Everything else.
  • G4 Movie Marathon--The Big Boss, Fist of Fury, Way of the Dragon, Big Trouble in Little China, Darkman, Daylight, The Lost Boys, Way of the Dragon. Oh damn, tough decisions here...
  • James Bond marathon, SciFi Channel--Probably watch From Russia With Love, although I'll probably end up flicking when something shitty like The Living Daylights gets on here.
  • A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, ABC--I think this is the one where Charlie Brown served popcorn and candy for Thanksgiving dinner. This is the part where you laugh!