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Golden Nuggets: Bears Cruise to Victory Over Jacksonville

Here's a sampling of what Monty had to say after last night's 79-47 victory over the Dolphins.  The last quote really stood out to me.

On his thoughts on the way things turned around tonight:

It's about coaching and trying to get better. I think we tried to get them fired up a little bit. I felt like we play hard, which is a big deal for us. If I don't do anything, I shouldn't get paid. They shot 28 percent tonight. One of our goals was trying to get better defensively. I felt like coming out of New York, we were a little wounded. I thought that psychologically we were a little bit unconfident, and I wanted to get them to play hard. I thought they did that and that was a great starting point for us. If I ever get to the point where I'm satisfied with everything, we're either going to win a national championship or we're not worth coaching.


On what Cal could have done better:
We could have done a lot of things better. This is November college basketball. We have a couple of people injured. We have people playing in positions that they've never played before. We have people playing college games that have never played in them before. We're just trying to get better as we go. If they get one offensive rebound, it's too many. They got 17. If they turn the ball over one time, it's too many. We turned it over 13 times. This is an imperfect game and you're always striving to be better. It's a game of mistakes. I'm not trying to be negative. We have a really tough schedule, and we're down a few players so we have to be as good as we can be.
On Jacksonville:
Somebody said to me yesterday, "Well you have a cupcake coming in here." I just hate that. You have a bunch of kids trying to compete and they all of a sudden become somebody not worthy. I just can't stand that. It's college kids playing basketball and they're picked to win their league. What I want is our team to play as well as we can play and whatever happens, happens. To get involved with the rollercoaster of whether they are supposed to be any good or not in somebody else's opinion doesn't work for me. And it frankly doesn't work for our basketball team. We have to play hard every game out so that when we're against an opponent in an even game, maybe we can play a little bit harder than they do or maybe we can want it a little bit more. 

After the jump we have injury updates (for Syd, Yarnway, and JHill), Harbaugh discussing his regrets from the Big Game, recap/analysis of basketball's win over Jacksonville, and more.

The GN will take tomorrow off, but will return Friday evening.  Have a good turkey day and a satisfying black friday!  May you all fatten up on turkeys and and then get great deals on TVs, laptops, and whatever else you care to buy.

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