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Cal Men's BBall 11.24.09 Jacksonville Open Thread

Cal men's BBall looks to get back on track after a rough weekend in Madison Square Garden.  They face the Jacksonville Dolphins.  Which means a)hopefully Cal can win and b)people will make a wide variety of painfully unfunny Ragnarok-Dolphin jokes.  I'm looking at you, Royrules. 

Regarding a), the game is currently set as follows:

California Golden Bears (2-2) vs. Jacksonville Dolphins (0-1)
Tuesday, Nov. 24, 7:30 p.m. (PT), Haas Pavilion, Berkeley, Calif.
Radio: KFRC 1550 AM TV: None

There does not appear to be any TV, but you can watch it online here.  The Jacksonville Dolphins official site breaks down the matchup here:

And they have some game notes (Caution: PDF) here.  Keep an eye on Ben Smith, who was a pre-season Atlantic Sun Conference "Player Of The Year."  He also writes for, so hopefully he will be tired out from that.  Use this as your Open Thread for the game.  GO BEARS!

Regarding b), just stop it.  Those jokes are so played.