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Golden Nuggets: Best or Vereen?

In case you missed it, go here to download the Cal @ Stanford torrent.  If you've already downloaded it, keep seeding!  Remember the golden rule and try to reach at least a 1.0 ratio.

Another reminder: keep voting for Vereen in ESPN's All-America Player of the Week award!

Jon Wilner wonders an increasingly popular question as of late: is Vereen a more effective running back for this Cal team than Best is?

But after watching two all-Vereen, all-the-time performances, I do wonder if Cal is more effective right now with Vereen than it would be with Best healthy and starting and getting the ball 15-20 times per game.

If Cal had a high-precision passing game and could move the ball consistently with five- or seven- or 11-yard passes, maybe I’d feel differently. Then you want the best big-play tailback in the country.

But the Bears’ aerial attack is both high-risk and inconsistent. It’s not like Kevin Riley is a completion machine, or his receivers catch everything thrown to them or the offensive line is a pass protection wall of granite.

All of those things happen sometimes, but not nearly enough for Cal to move the ball effectively against quality defenses.

So without a consistent passing game, the Bears need something to help them in the ball-control department. I mean, an inconsistent aerial attack and an all-or-nothing running game is a recipe for trouble against sound defenses.

And Vereen seems like a better fit than Best in the ball-control department. He almost always runs straight ahead and almost always churns out three or four yards between the tackles — and he can bust one for 20 or 30 or 60 once in a while, too.

That’s how you win conference road games  in November – not by hitting one or two long runs each game, but by churning out first downs, dominating the ball and overpowering opponents between the tackles.

Vereen gives Cal a better chance to do that then Best.

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