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Big Game Weekend Morning Thread

IT'S BIG GAME MORNING GOLDEN BEARS! Mike Tepper says all that needs to be said.

Before we get to the games on tap, let's talk about how awesome our professors can be for teaching through fire alarms (the answer is no, because no one at the Furd would ever protest anything unless it was ironic. It's confusing why Twist never transferred there). All hail Professor Tse for finishing his lecture on the Evans Hall exterior!

Here are the side dishes first. Schedule for the morning's after the jump!

College Gameday from Tucson: They're just making sure they go to all the Pac-10 schools before ending up in Berkeley one day.

9 AM PST/noon EST

Ohio State at Michigan, ABC HD: Rich Rod probably isn't fighting for his job, but the Harbaugh love machine is rolling. Something for Cal fans to keep their eyes on.

Harvard at Yale, Versus: The only rivalry game nerdier than ours. This actually might be the best game of the morning.

Chattanooga at Alabama, SEC TV/CSN California: There should be a rule that you lose a spot in the rankings for scheduling a game like this so late.

Minnesota at Iowa, ESPN HD: The fate of another Big 10 BCS at-large bid (Fiesta?) hangs on Adam Weber's arm. Oh God.

North Carolina at Boston College, ESPN2 HD: Battle for the Meineke Car Care Bowl?

Duke at Miami, ESPNU: Cutcliffe's running out of opportunities to take the the Blue Devisl

9:30 AM/12:30 PM EST

Oklahoma at Texas Tech, FSN HD/CSN Bay Area: Last year this was the Big 12 title game. Now...winner goes to the Alamo Bowl? How times have changed.