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Cal vs. Ohio State Men's Hoops Open Thread

Yesterday, we had a disappointing loss against Syracuse.  Troy Nunes Is A Magician had this to say:

Forget LeMoyne.  Forget the preseason rankings (or lack thereof).  Forget everything you've been hearing.  Syracuse is a good basketball team.  And for all the excuses that you'll hear tomorrow (It's like a home game...Theo Robertson was out..), Syracuse absolutely dominated the No. 12 team in the nation tonight.   For Syracuse fans who have been suffering through football season and had to deal with the LeMoyne blowback...tonight's win over Cal was a lot of fun.

I couldn't pick Troy Nunes out of a lineup of one if he was wearing a "I'm Troy Nunes" sign, but I'm not liking where they are going with this  Beating Cal was fun!??!?!  I swear they are the worst Cal fans ever!  I guess that would explain why they purport to run a Syracuse fan blog.  Much of their story continues not to check out, so let's keep an eye on them.  

But don't worry, t's OK, because our own newspaperman, Jeff Farudo,  can put things into better perspective:


– Jerome Randle scored 25 points and was 5-for-9  from 3-point range. The rest of the team was 1-for-11 from beyond the arc, including 0-for-7 by Patrick Christopher, whom Monty defended, saying the Bears didn’t allow him to find any offensive rhythm. Christopher wound up with 12 points, six of them in the final 5 minutes, long afer the outcome was settled.

But hope spring eternal.  Not only do we have the Game Of Moderate Proportions tomorrow, today we have a chance to redeem ourselves.  Today we face off against a dangerous Ohio State team looking for its own redemption.  Their completely unTroy Nunes-related SBN Brethren We Will Always Have Tempe had this to say about their loss to UNC:

Ohio State paid for its lack of bigs tonight. The moment Lauderdale got in trouble, Madsen simply couldn't keep up. I didn't expect him too, I guess, but it just helps to reaffirm the fact that this team will struggle mightily against good inside teams.

Firstly, I can't even begin to imagine what We Will Always Have Tempe even means.  Second, lack of bigs you say?  Sounds like we got a puncher's chance!  Farudo has his OSU preview here.  Let's keep Oregon State as the only OSU we lose to on a consistent basis!  Game starts at 2 PM PST on ESPN2.  GO BEARS!