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Golden Nuggets: "We Call It 'Crazy,' You Guys Call It Wildcat"

JO has a comprehensive list of post-game quotes.

Kevin Riley revealed some interesting pieces of information:

On being prepared for a two-minute drill:

We have clutch drills every Wednesday. It’s something we’re just used to doing. We do it so much and it’s not an uncommon thing. Coach Ludwig has talked about putting it in mid-game because we do a good job at it.

On Shane Vereen’s near-interception:

I told him before the play, "Shane, be smart. If he doesn’t look open, throw it over the goal post." I might have gotten into his head a little bit because I think he hesitated on the throw. It was a good spot to run it. I was trying to run over there to make the catch, but I was a little late.


Right when we ran the play before in Crazy – we call it crazy, you guys call it wildcat; Coach Ludwig is not a big fan of the wildcat. We were trying to set it up.

Tavecchio speaks:

On coming through during an up-and-down season:

It feels great. Again, it’s a blessing to be on this team and to be out there. The best feeling for me after making a good kick, a kickoff or whatever, I walk to the sideline and everyone’s smiling. I really love this team, I love this program, I love this school. So that’s the greatest feeling. It’s great to be able to help the team out, especially on a day like today.


On the reaction after his 39-yard miss:

At least 30 players came up to me and said, ‘It’s OK, we’ll get another chance. After the (made) kick, Riley came to me and said, ‘Great job, I knew you’d come through for us in the end.’ I really appreciated that.


On whether Tedford said anything after his miss:

He said stay focused, don’t worry about it, we’re going to get it at the end. I kind of fed off that confidence. Even though I missed, I thought we were going to get another one. That helped me a lot.

After the jump a couple Cal players earn player of the week honors, Ted Miller updates (or does he...?) his Pac-10 power rankings, basketball has a couple articles, and we go over a generally successful weekend in Cal sports.

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