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Golden Nuggets: Prediction Thursday

Everyone's favorite ESPN blogger Ted Miller thinks Stanford will narrowly win this weekend's game.  Click here to watch his video preview.  Not everyone else is convinced the game will be so close, however.

Stanford 30, California 27: Cal's defense awoke last week against Arizona, and the Bears have been mostly good against the run this year. So Toby Gerhart can't win back " The Axe" on his own. It's going to take a good day from Cardinal quarterback Andrew Luck, and there's no reason to believe he won't produce it playing at home. 

Bruce Feldman says the final score will be 30-21 in favor of Stanford.

NBC Sports' John Tamahana predicts a 31-20 Stanford victory

All four CBS experts predict a Stanford victory in this week's "game of the week."  They don't think it will be close either, as the average margin of victory in their picks is just over 12 points.

All five Yahoo experts predict a Stanford victory.

After the jump I have several articles on Best's first meeting with the press since his concussion, including a transcript of the press conference, some classic Harbaugh-isms from Monday's Big Game press conference,  a quick recap and analysis of tonight's basketball game against Syracuse, a look ahead to a big weekend in Cal sports, and more.

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