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Fantasy Week in Review - Week 11

League 1, 2

Rank Pick Set Name Total Points W-L
1 rickysanchez 125 125-87
2 class of 87 124
T-3 Clean Cut Media 122 122-90
T-3 Montezuma’s Revenge 122 122-90
5 vanman1013 120 120-92
6 NorcalNick'sPicks 119 119-93
7 goshatgo 118 118-94
8 CalPete likes beer 117 117-95
9 gigglingone's picks 117 117-95
10 tmoran3020's picks suck 117 117-95


  • rickysanchez takes over with a 13/21 week, while class of 87 falls after an 11/21 week.
  • Three people tied for the weekly lead, Tedford is God, AaronTheAwesome, and LEastCoastBears, correctly picking 14 games. AaronTheAwesome actually managed to pick 14/20 correctly, since he didn't make a pick for the Thursday night Cincinnati/West Virginia game.  AaronTheAwesome and Tedford is God both incorrectly picked Houston, BYU, Miami, Utah, and Florida, though the only one of that group that LEastCoastBears got wrong was Utah, having correctly picked the other five games. 
  • Only five people picked UCF + 4.5 against Houston.  Seven took UNC + 7 against Miami, eight took West Virginia + 8.5 against Cincinnati, and nine people took New Mexico +26.5 against BYU. 
  • At a glance, it seems like the majority of people took Stanford +10.5 against USC. 
  • Twenty people picked Arizona to cover the three point spread against our Bears.  You know who you are.


Why, yes.


Your playoff matchups are Syd lines up under center vs Rags' Doombringers and Yellow Fever facing off against dballers_are_all_loose. Who will triumph? Yellow Fever and dball are both relying on defenses facing the crappiest offenses in all the land!