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How Much Do Cal Fans Really Hate the Furd?

As Big Game Rivalry Week trudges on, I wanted to really get a feel about this--is your hatred for the Furd absolute?

Remember that Ohio State guy/Michigan girl spooning in that infamous ESPN commercial and how revolting it was to both fanbases? Yeah, safe to say the majority of us would just laugh at a sighting between Golden Bear or Cardinal (although there might be some who suffer slight nausea). There are plenty of Cal grads who mix, mingle, sometimes even marry Furd grads; hell a significant number attend both schools, undergrad and grad. Doubt you could say the same for UCLA and USC fans, where it's one big hatefest all year long.

Of all the rivalries in college football, it might be the most lighthearted and fun-sprited. Well, at least for Cal fans; the Furd fans who exist tend to treat football games as a big irony party anyway, so their feelings on this matter are irrelevant.

How much do you really hate the Furd? After the jump, I try and look at the 4 categories of Farm hatred and you can vote in the poll for whichever option fits you.

I feel there are four solid groups of Cal fans (and another one for Michael Silver), and you can divide them up solely by their feelings about the Furd.

Category 1) People who hate hate hate hate HATE the Furd. These are usually (a) students/alum who got rejected from Stanford and ended up at Cal, (b) children of students/alum who got rejected from Stanford and ended up at Cal, etc. etc. Either that or they were students during a particularly brutal stretch of Big Game history (Holmoecaust survivors anyone?). Get both of those together and you have the angriest group of Cal fans who show up and bring the noise on Big Game Saturday.

Category 2) People who hate the Furd...but only for one week. They'll get into the Cal-Furd rivalry to partake in the tradition and activities, because we've always hated these guys, etc. Then after the glow washes away they'll go about with their daily lives. This is not an Iron Bowl situation, where an Alabama and Auburn fan dating would be a reenactment of Capulets facing off against Montagues. Cal and Furd alum probably get along pretty well and coexist peacefully most of the year, unless you really despised your Cardinal counterparts in high school. I'd say that there's about an even split between (1) and (2).

Category 3) People who are fairly ambivalent how they feel about the Furd. They'll get into the Big Game festivities like everyone else, but they're not quite as vociferous as the Golden Bears in (1) and (2). They tend to replace the Furd with USC and UCLA as their chief rival because they've been the dominant football/basketball powers for quite some time, or their fanbases provide easier conceits to hate on (SC with the Spoiled Children, UCLA with the baby brother/stealing everything from Cal). There might also be the NorCal/SoCal divide thing going on here.

Category 4) People who don't hate the Furd at all. This I think factors a lot from academic success; of the competitive athletic schools, both the Bay Area schools peer over their LA counterparts. Also, a great number of Cal graduates end up at Furd for grad school. They might not like their band or their shitty, shitty mascot, but those feelings don't translate to their student/alum fanbase or the institution itself.

I'll open up the discussion to you guys and gals. Which category would you put yourself in and why?