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Golden Nuggets: Big Game Week Kicks Off

I was hoping to have a recap of today's Big Game press luncheon, but the normal sources are taking longer than usual to post the quotes.  One important (though unsurprising) piece of news is that Best will not play.  His concussion symptoms are gone, but Best's return will be determined by when his back heals up.

So today, we'll look ahead to Cal basketball's trip to the Mecca of basketball: Madison Square Garden.  The coaches generally seem concerned about how their teams played in the past week.  Here's what Monty and Syracuse coach Jim Boheim had to say:

– Boeheim, who last week won his 800th game at Syracuse: "We’re still figuring out how to replace our three leading scorers from last year. We have, obviously, a lot of new parts. We’re like everybody at this stage of the year, trying to figure out how they all fit in. "

– Montgomery, whose Bears face the Orange: "We actually played two pretty good basketbsall teams. Murray State, I thought, was very good. They gave us all we wanted, they’re an experienced team.  Detroit is kind of a work in progress, but with pretty good athletes. Now, all of a sudden, you’re talking about the best athletes in the country, year in and year out, with the teams that will be there."

After the jump, we congratulate Giorgio for winning player of the week honors and look at updated power rankings, post-game quotes, women's basketball's dominant opening victory, and the rest of the results of a generally successful weekend for Cal sports.

Cal Football

Cal Basketball

  • The no. 13/18 women tipped off their season with a 100-43 win over Idaho State.  After a hot start which put them up 29-4, they cruised to victory, converting 34 ISU turnovers into 49 points.

 The Rest of the Weekend in Cal Sports