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Golden Nuggets: It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Blurst of Times

Once again, Forza Italia saves the day.  From his four field goals, to sacrificing his leg to stop a possible game-winning TD, Giorgio Tavecchio was a hero yesterday, alongside Shane Vereen who had a career day.

Giorgio Tavecchio kicked four field goals, giving an 18-16 lead with a 22-yarder with 4:46 remaining.

That's when things really got interesting.

Travis Cobb took the ensuing kickoff and looked like he was going to take it back a long way before Tavecchio somehow managed to trip him up at the Arizona 38-yard line. Coach Jeff Tedford said Tavecchio might be the team's worst tackler, making the play even more improbable.

"I just remember him cutting inside and I don't why, I kind of stuck my foot out," said Tavecchio, who needed stitches in his right leg after the tackle. "It must have been a reflex from my soccer days. I felt contact and looked behind me and the guy was on the ground. I got up and was like, 'Was that me?' It's a dream. I've never tackled anyone before. It was a quirky play that resulted in something decent." 

But let us not forget the bigger picture that emerged from yesterday:  Stanford has a legitimate shot at making the Rose Bowl.

"Why, juju, why?!"

If Oregon loses in Tuscon next week (where Rose Bowl hopes go to die) and defeats Oregon St in the Civil War, and Arizona goes on to lose to USC, then Stanford will head to the Rose Bowl if they win on Saturday.  It sounds wild, but it's certainly possible.  I would rather see Pete Carroll go to the Rose Bowl for the next five years, than see Harby and Toby in Pasadena on January 1st.  Please, juju, we beg of you, hold Masoli's knee intact and guide Oregon to victory.  For the love of humanity, do not let Stanford book a trip to Pasadena.

After the jump I have stories and recaps of yesterday's game, updated rankings, bowl projections, the spread for this week's game (Stanford favored by 8), and more.  Tomorrow I'll recap the rest of the weekend in Cal sports.

Don't forget to vote in royrules22's top-25 poll.  You people are so lucky that you can submit your own ballots.  Back in my day, we had to walk fifteen miles in the snow, uphill both ways to our polling booths.  And when we got there, we only had one choice for all 25 spots: Texas.

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