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College Football Week 11 ($C-Furd) Afternoon Open Thread

12:30 PM PST/3:30 PM EST

Furd at USC, FSN/CSN Bay Area: I'm getting this awful feeling that the Trojans are going to find their way to the Pac-10 title while the rest of the teams crap their way to the pu-pu platter of December bowls. It'll start by an utter thrashing of the Furd. Oh wait, there's nothing awful about that last part.

Florida at South Carolina, CBS: This is the last real upset opportunity before the SEC title game. Can Spurrier show why Tim Tebow didn't deserve his #1 vote?

Iowa at Ohio State, ABC (to most of the country, ESPN2 to the rest): After all the upheaval in Columbus, the Buckeyes are still ending up in Pasadena. Can you imagine after all the excitement in the Pac-10 and we end up with a USC-Ohio State rematch? You think it's impossible, but I'm so picturing it right now.

Miami at North Carolina, ESPN2 (to most of the country, ABC to the South): Feels like the game where the Hurricanes let down. They've been playing with dice most of these conference games anyway.

Idaho at Boise State, ESPNU: For people who think Idaho can really knock off the Broncos from the BCS race, Boise is currently 31 point favorites. The likelier bet is Nevada the day after Thanksgiving.

Washington at Oregon State, Fox Sports Northwest: Huskies have to run the table to get to bowl eligibility. Naturally since I want Washington playing for nothing when we're playing our final game (and I want Nick Holt's head to explode), go Beavers!


Fresno State at Nevada, CSN California: This doubles as a great scouting opportunity for our matchup with them in 2010!


UCLA at Washington State, FCS Pacific: Bruins try to keep their fleeting bowl hopes alive. A win here and at home to ASU and they earn their eligibility, although they might need some help depending on where they place in the Pac-10 standings.