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Golden Nuggets: Prediction Thursday

Our favorite ESPN blogger Ted Miller predicts a big win for Arizona.

Arizona 35, California 24: Bears will show some fight but, Arizona is rested and has been consistent on both sides of the ball throughout the season. 

Citing Arizona's impressive play on both sides of the ball (including their stout O-line which has only allowed 4 sacks), Feldman predicts a 35-28 win for Arizona.

John Tamahana predicts a 24-20 Arizona victory. Holding that offense to 24 points would be a victory in itself.

All five of Yahoo's/Rivals' experts predict an Arizona victory.

Four out of five of CBS's experts predict an Arizona victory.

After the jump I have a tidbit on Best visiting practice, injury updates (Hill and MSG are probable), Arizona's preparation for the wildcat, recap and analysis of the win over Detroit, looks ahead to the weekend in Cal sports, and more.

Cal Football

  • Best visited campus for the first time since his injury.  He may or may not be on the sidelines Saturday, depending on how he feels.  Good news: Matt Summers-Gavin and Derrick Hill look like they'll return this weekend.  Anthony Miller should return next weekend against Stanford.  In some surprising news on the defense: Gregory is replacing Hill with Bryant Nnabufie.  Kendricks and Hagan should see more playing time this weekend.  Hagan wasn't on the field for a single snap last weekend.
  • Arizona has been focused on preparing to take on the Cal's Wildcat.  Stoops says his defense has to be disciplined and stick to their assignments without overcommitting. With Vereen leading the wildcat, perhaps Cal will try more passing out of the formation.
  • Growing up the youngest of six children, Sean Cattouse learned the importance of asserting himself when he was young.  Compared to many on the team, the sophomore is still young, but he has assumed a vocal role already.  Cattouse (or Cat-house, as many uninformed announcers like to call him) provides "uplifting words" as he encourages his teammates and reminds them of their assignments.

Cal Basketball

The Rest of the Weekend in Cal Sports