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Golden Nuggets: Holy Cannoli! Tavecchio Nails Game-Winning Field Goal in the Desert

Tavecchio's late-game redemption was like something out of one of his dreams.

"My mentality before I kick a field goal is, I really don't remember how far it is," Tavecchio said. "In my dreams, it's always 55 yards. I don't think of distances in reality, but in my dreams, why not?"

Tavecchio's game-winner made up for his miss from 39 yards out with 5:46 remaining that also would have given the Bears the lead. He said it was the first game-winning field goal he's ever made at any level.

"I was praying for (another chance)," Tavecchio said. "Something inside me just told me that I was going to get another chance. A kicker's greatest dream is a game-winning field goal. I feel very blessed to have been able to win the game at the end."

"I'm happy for Giorgio that he came in and kicked that because you really feel bad for a kid when the game is on the line," Tedford said. "I was happy that he came back and knocked it through."

After the jump, we have more stories on Tavecchio, updated rankings, bowl projections, the early spread for Saturday (Cal by 6.5), postgame quotes, an article on the wildcat pass, and more.  Tomorrow I'll have the rest of the weekend in Cal sports.

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